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Creed was a top 1,000 baby name in the United during the early 1900s, but it fell off the list for a while. However, this old-fashioned name is making a comeback. The one-syllable moniker is often associated with the Christian faith, but it also has sort of an edgy feel. Pair it with a classic middle name like Thomas or Henry for a strong masculine name for your baby boy.

Meaning of the name Creed:

English: Statement, belief

Origin of the name Creed:

Creed is a word name that means “statement” or “belief.” It's often associated with religious values.

Symbolism of the name Creed:

Many people may see the baby name Creed as a symbol of the strength of their religious values, especially new parents of the Christian faith.

Style of the name Creed:


Gender of the name Creed:

Creed is an earthy name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Creed:


Number of syllables in the name Creed:


Emotion evoked from the name Creed:

The baby name Creed evokes images of someone who is strong and rugged.

Alternative spellings for the name Creed:

  • Kreed
  • Cread
  • Kread
  • Creid
  • Kreid

Nicknames for the name Creed:


Popularity of the name Creed:

According to the Social Security Administration, Creed was a top 1,000 baby name for boys in 1910. It fell off the list and didn't reappear again until 2016. It last ranked at number 796 in 2020.

Related names for the name Creed:

  • Cade
  • Crew
  • Cash 
  • Croix
  • Camp

Great middle names for Creed and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Creed:

  • Creed Bratton (singer and actor)
  • Creed “Frank” Bates (baseball players)
  • Creed Taylor (record producer)
  • Creed C. Hammond (Army general)

Creeds in popular culture:

  • Creed Bratton (character on the TV show “The Office”)
  • Creed (character in the comic book “Creed” from Hall of Heroes)
  • Creed Allen (character in the book “Christy”)
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