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Jahir is a handsome name that originated in Africa. In the African Swahili, the name means Dignity or One Who Has Dignity. It has also been used in the Arabic language and Muslim religion.

Jahir is dignified and independent and means dignity. He has a strong inner strength and plenty of potential for success and accomplishment in life. He is born with strong leadership abilities and tries to be a positive influence. Jahir can also be very critical of himself and other people. He expects perfection. He is also honest, has strong principles, and has high self-respect.

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Nicknames for Jahir

Jahir prides himself on being an individual full of drive. He is masculine, focused, and a self-starter. He is also progressive and has a strong will. Jahir can be rebellious but in a constructive way. He is honest and a loyal friend. Below, we've compiled a list of nicknames that pair perfectly with the Jahir in your life:

  • Jay
  • Jah
  • Hir
  • Hira
  • JJ

Jahir Name Details

Style: Classic

Gender: Jahir is traditionally considered to be a boys name.

Pronunciation: Jah-HEAR

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Jahir

  • Jaher
  • Jahur
  • Jahyr

Jahir Name Popularity

Jahir first came on the popularity charts in 1990. It stayed at the bottom of the charts until around 2003 when it shot up to a peak of over 200 babies with that name born in the United States. In 2004, it declined to around 150 and has stayed at basically the same level through 2019.

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  • Jair 
  • Jure
  • Juro
  • Jyri
  • Jariah
  • Jira

Great Middle Names for Jahir and Their Meanings

  • Orland (land of gold)
  • Grantley (the large fields)
  • Brinly (burnt meadow)
  • Terrell (stubborn)
  • Lonell (lion)
  • Charley (freeman)
  • Raleigh (roe deer’s meadow)
  • Earley (manly)
  • Tarrin (Earth-man)
  • Ridley (reed/wood clearing)

Famous People Named Jahir

  • Jahir Alejandro Barraza Flores (A Mexican footballer)
  • Jahir Butron (Peruvian footballer)
  • Jahir Ocampo (A Mexican diver)
  • Jahir Barraza (soccer player in Guadalajera)
  • Jahir (character in Grand Theft Auto)
  • Jahir (character in the Legend of Korra)
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