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I love the holidays so much! I don't know why, but I particularly enjoy stuffing stockings much more than the actual presents for my kids. I think it's so fun to search out fun and unique items for each of my kids (and my husband), and I love compiling them all together and adding little love notes.

stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family

Some of you have asked, you can Get these cute stockings here.

Here are some ideas for Stocking Stuffers with some unique ones at the end.   If you have young children, make sure and read our post on fun stocking stuffers for babies and toddlers (and bookmark or pin these posts as they will be updated as the holidays get closer). And if you have brilliant or fun ideas for a stocking stuffer, I would LOVE to hear about it!

fun and unique stocking stuffers

Over 100 Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

really fun (and affordable) stocking stuffers for kids

Here are some Fun & unique Stocking Stuffers

Before you pass this one up and say “She's recommending a hair brush?” you have GOT to read the reviews on this thing. The wet brush is incredible and if you have any girls in your house, this needs to go in their stocking! My toddler now calls it the “magic brush” because she used to cry and scream everytime I brushed her hair. I don't know what it is about this brush, but it's different and it detangles so effortlessly. And it has over 700 awesome reviews to back me up.

The most amazing hair brush for little girls. Detangles hair effortlessly

Poppers These things have awesome ratings and come in all sorts of different styles (pig, cow, monkey, etc). Great for indoor OR Outdoor play!

Awesome stocking Stuffer

bacon floss stocking stuffer

Q Man Magnets

stocking stuffer ideas

Emergency Underpants

stocking stuffer ideas

Soda Can Safe

christmas stocking stuffer

Rockee toothbrush

unique stocking stuffersunique stocking stuffersCoupons From Santa

stocking stuffer coupons

Dressing to Go

stocking stuffer for women

Fruit Stickers (FUN for putting on oranges and other fruit going in the stockings)

stocking stuffers

Leapfrog camera case + App

Great stocking stuffer for $15: kid's camera

Does your family have Christmas stocking traditions?  What are your favorite Christmas stocking stuffers?

photo credits: Amazon.com

Pantyhose Christmas Stocking Tradition

In my previous post Fun and Unique Christmas Traditions, I left out one of my very favorites!

My best friend and I were practically sisters growing up. My mom never let me have sleepovers, but I could with her. We couldn't play with friends on Christmas Day–unless it was at her house. My mom was good friends with her mom, and my sister with her sister. It was perfect.

Because of this, I spent a little bit of my Christmas at their house.  I was always in Complete AWE of their Christmas stockings! They had the coolest Christmas stocking tradition and I vowed all those years that when I grew up my family was totally copying their tradition.

Instead of traditional stockings, all of their goodies were stuffed into pantyhose and hung from their bedroom door! The pantyhose held most of the candy, fruit, peanuts and other edible items and then there were a bunch of fun toys and other small items hung from a string (parallel to the pantyhose).  I asked them if they would send me a picture so you all could see what they look like!

Christmas stocking tradition

There's something about seeing your stocking start from the ceiling and droop to the floor that has incredible visual appeal to a kid. I remember my friend just wanted to go play and I just wanted to stare at her stocking and look at what was in it, it was just so fun-looking!

I tried to replicate it so that you can see more of a close up (pantyhose on the left):

Christmas stocking

They hang them on a tiny nail that is above each kid's room.  The nails just stay there year-round because you can't even notice them.  There is one nail for the stocking, and one for the string. I found it easier to tie and hook things to the string if you hang the string at the middle and tie things on using the two string ends.