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Classic Disney Rides at Disney World

Thunder Mountain Railroad, a classic Disney ride

Classic Disney Rides at Disney World

You just can’t beat the classics. It’s always fun to visit Disney World to see the newest attractions based on your newest favorite Disney productions, but there’s something timeless about the classic rides. They take park visitors young and old down Memory Lane and give them magic to both discover and rediscover all over again. Here are the top classic Disney Rides at Disney World!

happy girl in an amusement park rides a horse on a carousel in the summer

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Built in 1917, it’s astonishing to think this classic ride is over 100 years old! It was moved to Walt Disney World from Detroit, MI in 1971. You’ll find it now in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park. You and your family can each choose from one of 90 ornate wood-carved horses and one chariot, straight out of Disney’s Cinderella. Each horse is totally one of a kind. 

This slow ride is suitable for all ages, and all heights, while children under seven must have a sibling or friend at least 14 years old to ride with them. 

Jungle Cruise

Colurful boat on a smal canal in the backwaters of Kerala


Located in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom Park, this scenic boat ride brings you through the wilderness of Asia, Africa, and South America. You’ll pass through the Amazonian rainforest before the river turns to the African Congo, where a troop of gorillas peers at you from an empty river camp. You’ll then see hippos, lions, and zebras on the shores of the Nile, and you might even bump into some other passengers whose journey didn’t go so smoothly. Part river ride, part comedy act, you won’t be able to tell if there are more jokes or animals to behold and you’re sure to be entertained for the full 10-minute ride made for all ages. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Cheering friends riding amusement park ride


This is a classic rollercoaster ride found in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom Park that brings you through a haunted gold mine on a speeding train with a mind of its own. It’s a thrilling ride with some small quick drops. Down into the mine shaft you go to board your train. As the ride tumbles along the track in and out of the caverns, watch out for dynamite and loose boulders around the sharp corners and drop into canyons. You’ll also get a quick pass-through of Tumbleweed, an eerie ghost town. 

For wannabe gold miners of a height of at least 40 inches, this ride is bumpy, fast, and sometimes even dark as your train roars through the caverns. 

Peter Pan’s Flight

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It doesn’t get much more “classic” than a thrill ride that’s been in operation since the opening day of Walt Disney World in 1955. You’ll find it in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom Park. The interactive waiting queue brings you through the Darling home’s nursery where you find Tinker Bell already up to her fairy shenanigans. 

When you climb into your pirate galleon, get ready to take flight as Peter Pan himself welcomes you to this exciting journey. You leave the Darling home in London, fly past Big Ben and onward, to the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning. When you get to Never Land, make sure you enjoy the magical sights, but watch out for the pirates and the ticking crocodile!

Liberty Square Riverboat

Details on a classic riverboat on the Savannah River

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Step back in time to Colonial America as you climb aboard the Liberty Belle riverboat. On this relaxing ride, you can look out on a few scenes reminiscent of the American frontier, such as an early American frontier settlement, a Native American village, Harper’s Mill, Fort Langhorn, Wilson’s Cave Inn, and some delightful woodland animals. You’ll also get exclusive views of other large rides in Magic Kingdom Park that you can’t get anywhere else. Your 47-foot, four-decked voyage vessel is a fully functional replica of the ferry boats that used to carry people up and down the Mississippi River. It’s certainly an “old world” experience. 

It’s a Small World

Magic Kingdom Castle


Residing at Disney World since 1971, this Walt Disney masterpiece is a permanent fixture and has been replicated at many Disney theme parks. You can find this musical boat tour in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park for all ages to enjoy. It’s an easy 10-minute tour of all seven continents, with loveable dancing characters from every part of the world. You’ll be dazzled by the classic song “It’s A Small World (After All)” sung by each group of characters in their native language. It’s a Disney original you won’t want to miss.  

Spaceship Earth


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You can witness the evolution of communication as we know it at EPCOT’s main attraction, inside the geosphere (which is the signature symbol of the park). Spaceship Earth takes you way back to the first humans painting “cave art” on the walls of caves, and then you travel forward in time from there. Watch as innovation takes place at an exponential rate with the invention of the printing press, the televised broadcast of the lunar landing, and onward to the computer age. All the while, listen to the time-progressive musical score from a 63-piece orchestra and 24-voice choir. This slow ride is suitable for all ages and heights. 

Classic Rides at Disney World

Now you know of a few Walt Disney World attractions for those who want to visit times of the past and experience the very foundations of what Disney is today. They will give you an appreciation for the evolution of Disney’s “Imagineering” and design over the last few decades. It was certainly not accomplished without the most vivid of imaginations pulling the strings. Classic rides let you take a step back and take in the thrill and magic of the park around you, and offer you and your family a magical experience you won’t soon forget. 

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