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With so many different names, it can seem impossible to decide on one. If you're looking for a simpler name, Asia is a great option. Asia is one of the most popular place names for girls. It comes from the title of the continent. Asia declined some in the past few years, but it is still a top 2,800 name. Let's take a look at the backstory behind the name Asia.

Meaning and Origin of the name Asia:

Asia is a relatively modern option for girls. It was one of the first place names to gain massive popularity, especially in the late twentieth century. It got a boost from a similar title, Aisha. It comes from the name of the continent of Asia. The place name likely drew inspiration from the Akkadian word “asu,” meaning “east.”

Symbolism of the name Asia:

The baby name Asia means “east continent. It references the place name, Asia. Asia likely comes from the Akkadian word “asu,” translating to “east.” When considering the geographical location, Asia means “east continent.”

Nicknames for the name Asia:

  • Asi
  • Sia 
  • Aze
  • Asie
  • Asy
  • Azzie
  • Aia
  • Ase

Style of the name Asia:


Gender of the name Asia:

Asia is a youthful name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Asia:


Number of syllables in the name Asia:


Emotion evoked from the name Asia:

Asia feels upbeat and youthful. It is a fun-spirited name for girls.

Alternative spellings for the name Asia:

Popularity of the name Asia:

Asia was first a top 1,000 baby name in America in 1979 at rank 894. It stayed on the top 1,000 list until 2015 at number 902. Asia was most popular in 1997 at rank 195. As of 2021, Asia is a top 2,800 option for girls at number 2,739.

Great middle names for Asia and their meanings:

  • Naomi (pleasantness, beautiful)
  • Marisol (Mary of Solitude)
  • Valentina (healthy, strong)
  • Lynette (nymph, idol)
  • Jessamine (jasmine flower, jasmine)
  • Marigold (golden flower)
  • Rosalind (pretty rose)
  • Caris (love, grace)

Famous people with the name Asia:

  • Asia Argento (actress, “Land of the Dead”)
  • Asia Ray (reality TV star, “Ultimate Dance Competition”)
  • Asia (the name of a rock band from Great Britain)
  • Asia Ramone (character from “What Real Life Is”)
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