The 12 Best Schools in Calgary Today

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The 12 Best Schools in Calgary Today

The Canadian city of Calgary has been getting a lot of buzz lately ever since The Economist voted Calgary one of the world's top ten most livable cities. This big city with a small-town feel is in the heart of Alberta, literally where the quiet prairies meet the majestic mountains, giving the metropolitan city a unique position for nightlife and natural beauty. The city has a thriving cultural and arts scene with a diverse culinary scene, making it perfect for young professionals looking to start their careers and families. The city boasts beautiful parks and extensive nature trails, so you get city life with the tranquility of being able to spend time in nature. If you are thinking about moving to this exciting city, then you should know about the best schools in Calgary.

The Best Elementary Schools in Calgary

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Elementary school is about social and academic skills.


In Canada, elementary schools are sometimes called primary schools and run from kindergarten to grade 6. In some provinces, elementary schools are from kindergarten to grade 8. Since these early years are the first introduction to schooling, it's important to find a good school with an excellent curriculum, teachers, and support staff. 

1. Calgary French & International

700 77 Street SW Calgary, AB T3H 5R1

Calgary French & International is the best French Immersion School in Alberta. The student body is diverse, with 800 students starting from preschool through grade 12. The school has an excellent academic curriculum and boasts over 80 extracurricular clubs and activities. When parents send their children to this school, they are guaranteed a quality education. There are many advantages to being bilingual from a professional and social standpoint, and at this school, students learn not just French but Spanish too. 

2. Clear Water Academy

3910 Quesnay Wood Drive SW Calgary, AB T3E 8G1

The Clear Water Academy is a private school that teaches students as young as preschool through grade 12. The school focuses on Christian values alongside academic classes. The Catholic school believes in fostering community and connection through the academic experience. If you are looking for a private Catholic school in Calgary, this one is the best.

3. Sunalta School

536 Sonora Ave SW Calgary, AB, T3C 2J9

Sunalta School is a public school from grades kindergarten to grade 6. The school opened its doors in 1910 and has been educating the youth of Calgary ever since. The school's success is based on the four pillars of creating a great school. Of course, academic excellence is first and foremost, but the school also places a high importance on fine arts, physical education, and social dynamics and responsibility. The school is part of the program to welcome refugees and has a diverse student body, which enriches the overall school experience.

4. Louis Riel

9632 Oakfield Dr. SW Calgary, AB, T2V 0L1

Louis Riel is a public school serving students from kindergarten to grade 9. The school has an excellent academic curriculum and also places high importance on art and physical education, and it includes extracurricular activities to ensure students get a well-rounded academic experience. The school supports the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education Program) with opportunities for these students. In addition, the school has a Science Program that focuses on critical thinking skills, scientific theory, and investigation and exploration. 

The Best High Schools in Calgary

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High School is a great opportunity for students to figure out what excites them.

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High school and secondary school is an important time for young scholars. They are learning about themselves and the world. This is a time of exploration, and students benefit from strong guidance as they prepare for the university experience and gain the skills that will serve them throughout their professional lives. 

5. Renert School

14 Royal Vista Link NW Calgary, Alberta T3R 0K4

The Renert School is an accredited private K-12 school. The school was founded in 2013 and has been focused on preparing students for academic excellence ever since. Renert School is known for being one of Calgary's best mathematics schools. The school takes a holistic approach to education and is perfect for students who are ready and excited to learn and thrive in a supported community.

6. Rundle College and Rundle Academy

4330 16 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 4H9, Canada

At Rundle College, students follow an extensive academic curriculum based on research-driven pedagogy. Critical thinking, exploration, and research are just some of the skills students learn at this top-notch kindergarten through grade 12 program.

At Rundle Academy, students from grades 4 through 12 receive an excellent education. Students at Rundle Academy have been diagnosed with learning disability or neurodivergent thinking, and the school is ideal for those who thrive outside of a standard academic classroom. The school takes a personalized approach to learning by providing an open and engaging learning environment that focuses on achieving academic goals and building confidence and self-esteem. Research has proven again and again that there is no one right way of learning and that academic success depends on meeting learners where they are and creating an inclusive, supportive environment, and at Rundle, that is exactly what they do.

7. Webber Academy

1515 93 St SW, Calgary, AB T3H 4A8, Canada

Webber Academy is a private K-12. The school is a nondenominational, coeducational, accredited private school. The academics are exceptional, and the campus is stunning. At Webber Academy, students learn the importance of independent thinking, personal responsibility, and community engagement.  Apart from academics, the school has a thriving visual and performing arts program as well as a language immersion program.

8. Master’s College

4414 Crowchild Trail SW Calgary, AB Canada, T2T 5J4

Master’s College is a public high school for grades 7-12. Their academic programs are based on the teaching philosophy and model called Profound Learning. The school is a faith-based Christian School where students can prepare for university and professional endeavors.

9. Ernest Manning High School

20 Springborough Blvd SW Calgary, AB, T3H 0N7

Ernest Manning High School is known throughout the community as one of the best high schools in Calgary. The school offers traditional academic programs and advanced classes for students who excel in a traditional classroom. The school has a plethora of clubs and extracurriculars which give students a chance to learn and socialize in a safe environment.

Best Colleges and Universities in Calgary

Time at college and university is time well spent.


Colleges and universities are where young men and women are shaped into professionals. Parents and students should research their college and university choices to find the perfect fit for their students. Here are three of the best schools in Calgary.

10. University of Calgary

2500 University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada

According to Edu Rank, the University of Calgary is the number one university in Calgary and the number 2 in Alberta. The school has a large student body of  33,000 and a 95% undergraduate retention rate, which is pretty amazing.

The university offers over 250 undergraduate programs and 65 graduate programs. Plus, they have a professional and certification program ensuring there is something for every student to meet their personalized and professional goals. 

11. Mount Royal University

4825 Mt Royal Gate SW, Calgary, AB T3E 6K6, Canada

Mount Royal University is the number 2 university in Calgary and number 4 in Alberta, according to EduRank. The school offers thirteen degrees and 36 majors with a student body of 15,573. The school feels like a small community where every individual is important. The academics go beyond degrees; they also offer diplomas, certificates, and community service learning. 

12. SAIT Polytechnic

1301-16 Avenue NW Calgary, AB T2M OL4

SAIT Polytechnic is the number 3 university in Calgary and the number 7 in Alberta based on EduRank. The school offers degrees, diplomas, certificates, apprenticeships, continuing education, and youth programs. Students can study anything from tech to trade to tourism to transportation. This school is where students go to learn and live in one of the most beautiful cities in Alberta.

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