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The Least Busy Times to Go to Dollywood


The Least Busy Times to Go to Dollywood

Dollywood is the ideal destination for a holiday filled with laughter and good times for the whole family. Of course, Dollywood is a fantastic destination to go to any time of the year because it offers rides and activities suitable for everyone. On the other hand, there are certain times of the year when there is an exceptionally high volume of activity. If you want to get the most out of your visit to Dollywood, you may want to go when the park is less busy. Here are the least busy times to go to Dollywood.

The Spring Season

If you want to avoid long lines, spring is the ideal season to visit Dollywood. There are minimal wait times for rides, so your kids won't have to stand in line for hours to have some fun.

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Also, if you plan your visit during the week, Thursdays are less busy than other weekdays during spring. Not only is Dollywood less crowded in the spring, but the weather is great, too. March through May have mild temperatures in the 60s and 70s and reduced humidity. This creates a pleasant environment for many entertaining outdoor activities for the whole family.

The Fall

Fall is one of the least busy times to visit Dollywood. Summer vacation is over and kids are back in school, so this is an excellent time to enjoy a quieter-than-normal trip.

Spring is the ideal season to visit Dollywood to avoid long lines.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind if you're planning a trip to Dollywood during the fall:

  • The park is open fewer hours during the fall, so check the schedule before going.
  • The weather can be cool and wet, so dress accordingly.
  • Many rides and attractions close down earlier in the fall, so get there early in the day.

The Winter Season

If you and the kids don't mind the cold, winter can be a good time to visit Dollywood. You and the kids can participate in events like Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas or see the snow-covered mountains and holiday light displays of Pigeon Forge and nearby Gatlinburg.

Dollywood at Christmas
Dollywood during the holidays is a magical time to visit — and it's also one of the least busy times to check out this Tennessee amusement park.

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Again, as with most of the year, the weekdays are the best days to visit the park in the winter. It's less busy and temperatures range from lows in the mid-20s to highs in the mid-50s, so be sure to bundle up!

Wednesdays & Thursdays of Summer Months

Dollywood is busiest during the summer months. This is due to the great weather and the fact that it's the peak vacation season. However, your family can also visit the park without large crowds if you visit on Wednesdays or Thursdays, the days when it's least busy.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking to avoid the crowds, visiting Dollywood at some of these less-busy times is the way to go. Best of all are the spring and fall seasons when the park isn't nearly as packed as during other times — notably summer. And if you bundle up and don't mind the cold temperatures, winter can be a wonderful time to experience all that Dollywood has to offer without feeling like you're elbow-to-elbow with your fellow park-goers.

Even if you choose to visit during the ever-popular summer months, you can avoid the worst of the crowds on Wednesday and Thursday. (Hint: Head to attractions like Thunderhead or Gatlinburg Sky Lift early in the day to avoid the lines.)

Whatever time you choose, we hope you enjoy a wonderful time at this exciting theme park!

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