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Dollywood: A Family-Friendly Amusement Park

Dollywood sign

Dollywood: A Family-Friendly Amusement Park

Dolly Parton is a most beloved American icon, so it stands to reason that her theme park, Dollywood, is also a treasured family attraction. Located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Dollywood and Dollywood Splash Country are popular destinations for families. Thrilling rides, entertaining shows, and so much more await at this East Tennessee amusement park. Here's everything you need to know about Dollywood before you visit.

The Best Water Rides at Dollywood

If you're looking to get wet, then check out this list of water rides at Dollywood. From waterslides at Dollywood Splash Country to rambling white water rides at Dollywood, both destinations offer plenty of options to get soaked.

The Best Dark Rides at Dollywood

While there are not a ton of dark rides at Dollywood, the two options there offer a big thrill! Check out more about Blazing Fury and Mystery Mine, the two dark rides at Dollywood.

The Best Slow Rides at Dollywood

If you have young ones or hesitant thrill-seekers, you may be looking for something a little less spine-tingling than a dark ride or a big coaster. Here are the best slow rides of Dollywood that all ages will enjoy.

The Best Spinning Rides at Dollywood

If you're looking for a swirling, twirling good time, check out the best spinning rides at Dollywood. Each offers varying degrees of dizzying fun. Find the one you'll love best!

Treetop Tower at Dollywood
Treetop Tower is one of the best spinning rides at Dollywood. Image: Dollywood


The Best Days to Visit Dollywood

Given that Dollywood is a top family-friendly attraction, the Tennessee amusement park stays busy year-round. But there are some times that are better to visit than others. Here are the best days and times to visit Dollywood.

Here are the best days and times of year to visit Dollywood.

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The Least Busy Times to Visit Dollywood

If you prefer shorter lines and fewer crowds, there are particular times of the year and specific days that are better than others to visit Dollywood. Here are the least busy times to check out this beloved Tennessee amusement park.

Dollywood at Christmas
Dollywood at Christmas is a magical time to visit — and it's also one of the least busy times to visit.

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The Things You MUST Buy at Dollywood

There are a few signature souvenirs that you simply must indulge in when at Dollywood. From leather goods to fresh-baked goods to water bottles to t-shirts, these are the things you must buy at Dollywood!

The 9 Things You Must Eat at Dollywood

From fried chicken to funnel cakes, there are some flavors you just won't find anywhere else. Here are the nine things you must eat when you visit Dollywood.

funnel cake
A funnel cake is a must-eat item when you're at Dollywood.


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