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Make a Wish

Simplify and Celebrate

This is for every woman searching for more out of life, while simultaneously wanting less stress, less clutter, smaller to-do lists, and less social media noise with highlight reels of lives and photoshopped moments in time.

You'll find ways to help you live and love the people and places around you with gratitude, kindness and empathy. Learn to celebrate the simple days like National Pie Day or Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, or National Slinky day. We hope to inspire you to celebrate every glorious day.

10 Muffin Cup Lunch Recipes

Muffin Lunches

We started preschool last week! I was going to hold off but decided our 3 year old (going on 16) is more than ready for a classroom. So I’ve been assembling lunch ideas that are great kid-sized lunches and still tasty enough for my husband to toss into his lunch as well.

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30 Family Activities for November

November Activities

November is a great time of year to spend time with your family after a long and busy summer and before all the holidays start to pour in.

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Boston Cream Pie Day

Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes

October 23 is Boston Cream Pie Day. Celebrate with these delicious Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes.

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50+ Uses for Left-Over Baby Supplies

Diapering Supplies

If you've got leftover baby essentials like baby powder, baby oil, and nipple cream, here are some ways to use those things up so they’re not laying around anymore.

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Halloween Puppy Chow

Halloween Puppy Chow

Here’s a great Halloween-related after school snack or treat to take to a Halloween party this year.

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month. Local shelters have dogs (and cats) of every type, size, age, and personality just waiting to find their fur-ever home.

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Birthday Gift Baskets

Birthday Gift Baskets

Four of the most important women in my life were born in October and I wanted to let them know in a personal way that I'm forever thankful for their friendships.

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