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Aubriana is a stylish baby name for girls. The name Aubriana is an invented name as well. Keep reading to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Aubriana:

German for “elf ruler”;

Origin of the name Aubriana:

Aubriana is a modern, invented name as it’s the combination of the names “Aubrey” and “Ana”. These names feature German roots.

Symbolism of the name Aubriana:

Finding symbolism in a name like Aubriana isn’t always easy considering the name is an invented one. However, we can look toward the names that it comes from, noticing a sense of nobility behind the name.

Style of the name Aubriana:


Gender of the name Aubriana:

The baby name Aubriana is used for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Aubriana:

awb-ree-AHN-ə or awb-ree-AN-a

Number of syllables in the name Aubriana:


Emotion evoked from the name Aubriana:

The baby name Aubriana is one that is filled with strength, leadership, and confidence.

Alternative spellings for the name Aubriana:

  • Aubrianna

Nicknames for the name Aubriana:

Popularity of the name Aubriana:

Thanks to data from the Social Security Index, Aubriana has only made it on the list of the top 1000 names once. In 2012, Aubriana landed at #978.

Related names for the name Aubriana:

Great middle names for Aubriana and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Aubriana:

There are no known famous people with the baby name Aubriana.

Aubrianas in movies/pop culture:

It does not appear that Aubriana is a popular name used around pop culture references.

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