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Luciana is a Latin girl’s name that means “light”. Luciana is common in southern European countries such as Spain, Italy, and Portugal. Luciana has a more refined sound than alternatives Lucy and Lucia.

Luciana is a Latin name that means “light”. Luciana is commonly used in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Romania. Luciana is derived from the ancient Roman surname Lucianus. The term guiding light applies here. Luciana is a light in the dark, helping others through rough times with a positive, warm heart.

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Nicknames for Luciana

Luciana evokes feelings of refinement and charm. When you're thinking of a nickname for the Luciana in your life, you should consider something fun and confident. We've compiled a list of nicknames we think would be perfect, however feel free to come up with your own.

Luciana Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Luciana is traditionally considered to be a girls name.

Pronunciation: loo-CHA-na (Italian), loo-THYA-na(European Spanish), loo-SYA-na (Latin American Spanish)

Syllables: Three

Alternative Spelling for Luciana

Luciana Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration, Luciana has been sporadically popular in the US. Luciana was in the top 1000 names for a few years in the 1970’s and only returned to the list in 2006. Luciana peaked at #350 in 2018.

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Great Middle Names for Luciana and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Luciana

  • Luciana Caporaso (English actress and singer)
  • Luciana Paluzzi (Italian-American actress)
  • Luciana Serra (Italian operatic soprano)
  • Luciana Gimenez Morad (Brazilian model)
  • Luciana Souza (Brazilian jazz singer)
  • Luciana Mazzei (television/comics, “Strike Witches”)
  • Luciana (literature, “Catch,22” by Joseph Heller)
  • Princess Luciana (film, “Barbie in the Island Princess”)
  • Luciana Vega (American Girl of the Year 2018)
  • Luciana Galvez (television, “Fear the Walking Dead”)
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