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Kraig is a strong name for a baby boy. The Welsh name means “rock or rocky”. It means the same in the English language as well.

Meaning of the name Kraig

Rock or rocky

Origin of the name Kraig


Symbolism of the name Kraig

Kraig is versatile, intuitive, and full of high ideals. He loves to be of help to those around him. He is bold and independent. Kraig is also inquisitive and enjoys doing research to be constantly learning. He knows what he wants and why he wants it. Kraig is always looking for a chance to do his own thing and be his own person. He likes to have things done his way.

Style of the name Kraig


Gender of the name Kraig

Kraig is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Kraig


Number of syllables in the name Kraig


Emotion evoked from the name Kraig

Kraig is an independent person with a strong desire to lead others and excel. He is ambitious and dreams big. He can sometimes seem impatient because there is much that he wants to accomplish in his lifetime. Kraig’s biggest desire is knowledge, love, and wisdom.

Alternative spellings for the name Kraig

  • Craig
  • Creig
  • Creg

Nicknames for the name Kraig

  • Kray
  • Crazy

Popularity of the name Kraig

Kraig came onto the popularity charts in 1953. It stayed steady until 1958 when its popularity more than doubled. In 1960, it went up again and stayed highly popular through 1970. Starting in 1971, the name’s popularity starts to decline every year and then stays steady after 1977. Kraig dropped off the chart in 1990.

Related names for the name Kraig

  • Graig
  • Greig
  • Haig
  • Kai 
  • Kail
  • Kain
  • Kram
  • Kris 

Great middle names for Kraig and their meanings

  • Kelven (river man)
  • Baird (poet)
  • Flynn (ruddy)
  • Evans (the Lord is gracious)
  • Drea (courageous)
  • Arland (pledge or oath)
  • Ferrell (hero or man of courage)
  • Bryce (swift)
  • Scott (from Scotland)
  • Brian (high or noble)

Famous people with the name Kraig

  • Kraig Chiles (American soccer player)
  • Kraig Grady (musician)
  • Kraig Kann (anchor on the Golf Channel)
  • Kraig Kinser (American race car driver)
  • Kraig Nienhuis (hockey player)
  • Kraig Metzinger (actor)
  • Kraig Paulsen (politician)
  • Kraig Urbik (football player)

Kraigs in popular culture

  • Donald Michael Kraig (American occult author)
  • Kraig Biocraft Labs (a biotech company)