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Baby name Lawson


Lawson is a common surname, but it's reemerging as a popular given name as well. And why not? It's as fitting for a cowboy as it is a scientific scholar, and if your baby's father happens to be named Lawrence, it's the ultimate honor. It also pairs well with both classic and modern middle names.

Meaning of the Name Lawson

Lawson means “son of Lawerence.” Lawrence is derived from the Latin name Laurentius, which means “someone from the Ancient Roman city of Laurentum.”

The names Lawrence and Lawson are often associated with the laurel tree. In Greek and Roman mythology, Apollo tries to attack Daphne, and when she calls for help, her father turns her into a laurel tree. For this reason, the tree is thought to be a symbol of victory and triumph.

Baby name Lawson


Nicknames for Lawson

The name Lawson evokes images of someone who is cheerful and enthusiastic about life. When you're thinking of nicknaming the Lawson in your life, names like “Law” and “Sonny” come to mind. Below, we've compiled a list of nicknames to help get you inspired.

  • Law
  • Laz
  • Larry 
  • Law
  • Sonny
  • Aussie
  • Lawsie

Lawson Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Neutral

Pronunciation: LAW-sen

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spellings for Lawson

  • Lawsen
  • Lawsyn
  • Lawsin
  • Lauson

Lawson Name Popularity

Lawson was a fairly common name for baby boys through the 1940s. However, it fell off the list of the top 1,000 baby names for half of a century, reemerging in 2000. As of 2020, it ranks at number 357, according to the social security administration.

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Great Middle Names for Lawson and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Lawson

  • Lawson Butt (actor and director)
  • Lawson Craddock (professional cyclist)
  • Lawson“Red” Ramage (vice admiral in the Navy and World War II submarine commander)
  • Lawson Aschenbach (racecar driver)
  • Lawson Robinson (soccer player)
  • Lawson Little (golfer)
  • Lawson Duncan (tennis player)
  • Lawson (character from the movie “A Love Song for Bobby Long”)
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