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Morton was once a surname in England, coming from the anglicized version of Moses. It became a popular first name option in the late nineteenth century, however. Morton did remain on the top 1,000 list in America until 1951, but ever since then, it has not been seen.

Meaning of the name Morton:

English: town near the moor

Origin of the name Morton:

Morton began as a surname in England. It was similar to the name of a town that translated to “moor town.” Ultimately, Morton was the anglicized version of the Hebrew as well name Moses, becoming popular after the Protestant Reformation. Christian families began to use the name as a surname in England.

Symbolism of the name Morton:

The baby name Morton means “town near the moor” as this was where families with the last name resided. Even as a first name, Morton has never given up that original meaning.

Style of the name Morton:


Gender of the name Morton:

Morton is an old-fashioned name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Morton:


Number of syllables in the name Morton:


Emotion evoked from the name Morton:

Morton is a vintage-sounding baby name with a sense of maturity. It is wholesome and natural.

Alternative spellings for the name Morton:

  • Moreton
  • Moorton
  • Moarton

Nicknames for the name Morton:

  • Mort
  • Morty
  • Mortey
  • Morto
  • Mortie
  • Morti
  • Tony

Popularity of the name Morton:

Morton was a top 1,000 baby name in America until 1951 when it was rank 947. Throughout years spanning from 1913 to 1933, however, Morton was even a top 300 name. The highest it ever ranked was in 1923 at rank 254.

Related names for the name Morton:

  • Linton
  • Reynolds
  • Marston
  • Wilcott
  • Wilson
  • Michael 

Great middle names for Morton and their meanings:

  • Noah (rest)
  • Theodore (gift of God)
  • Cole (charcoal)
  • Nicholas (victory of the people)
  • Brooks (residing near a stream)
  • Knox (hillock, hump)
  • Reid (person with red hair)
  • Gregory (to be awake, watchful)

Famous people with the name Morton:

  • Morton Feldman (composer)
  • Morton Gould (composer)
  • Morton Subotnick (composer)
  • Morton Stevens (film composer)
  • Morton Dean (TV journalist)
  • Morton Mower (inventor, cardiologist)
  • Morton Kondracke (political commentator)

Mortons in popular culture:

  • Morton Schmidt (character from “21 Jump Street”)
  • Morton (character from “Toad Patrol”)
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