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Wade may not seem like a typical nature name, but it's one that is often associated with water. This clean one-syllable moniker has been a top name for baby boys in the United States since at least the turn of the 19th century. It pairs well with both classic and modern middle names or makes a cute middle name itself.

Meaning of the name Wade:

English: to go or ford

Origin of the name Wade:

The baby name Wade has English origins, though there is some debate over the specifics. Some believe it was derived from the Anglo-Saxon word for “ford,” as in the area of a river or stream where it's shallow enough to cross by foot. Others believe it's a derivative of the Anglo-Saxon name “Wada,” which means “to go.”

Symbolism of the name Wade:

Whether you believe the name's origins, see it as a vocabulary word name or read about the Old English folklore associated with it, Wade is often associated with water.

baby name Wade

Style of the name Wade:


Gender of the name Wade:

Wade is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Wade:


Number of syllables in the name Wade:


Emotion evoked from the name Wade:

Wade evokes an image of someone who is adventurous.

Alternative spellings for the name Wade:

  • Wayde
  • Waid

Nicknames for the name Wade:


Popularity of the name Wade:

Until the 2000s, Wade was a top 500 baby name in the United States for over a century, according to the Social Security Administration. It fell out of favor for a little over a decade, but as of 2020, it ranks at 340 and is growing in popularity once again.

Related names for the name Wade:

Great middle names for Wade and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Wade:

  • Wade Robson (dancer and choreographer)
  • Wade Boggs (baseball player)
  • Wade Phillips (football coach)
  • Wade Ward (musician)
  • Wade Davis (author and anthropologist)
  • Wade Miley (baseball player)

Wades in popular culture:

  • Wade Eiling (DC Comics character)
  • Wade Gustafson (character in the movie “Fargo”)
  • Wade Watts (character in the boo and movie “Ready Player One”)
  • Wade Wilson (the real name of Deadpool, a Marvel Comics character)
  • Wade Bailey (character from the TV show “Hello Ladies”)
  • Wade Hamilton (character in the book “Gone with the Wind”)