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These Dessert Recipes Are A Great Choice For After A Barbecue

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These Dessert Recipes Are A Great Choice For After A Barbecue

When it comes to patriotic holiday picnics, dessert is the star. Whether it's Memorial Day or July 4th, no picnic is complete without the red, white, and blue!

We've made all of these over the years and keep making them for the summer holidays. Cakes, cookies, fruit pizza with a cookie crust… these are great recipes that won't wear you out before you get to the party, but your dessert will definitely be the highlight.

Recipes For Dessert After A Barbecue

We included apple pie because it's just American! It goes with all things patriotic: grandmas, moms, family…. and that's really what the summer holidays are about.

Celebrate our freedom, our country, our families, and our blessings. We hope you and yours enjoy our colorful red, white, and blue desserts as much as our kids (big and small) do.

Make sure your barbecue dinner isn't so big that it doesn't leave room for dessert! These desserts are enticing enough to have eyes on them before dinner is even served, so keep an eye out for little fingers trying to sneak a bite!

These desserts can work even if you aren't celebrating the 4th of July. Who said red, white, and blue need to only be for Independence Day? All of these desserts are too delicious to only consider once a year. They can make great options for other patriotic holidays, like Memorial Day or Veteran's Day, or just any summer day.

Family Favorite Summer Desserts

Red, White & Blue Chocolate Cupcakes

Blueberry and White Chocolate Cheese Cake Pie

Blueberry Crunch Coffee Ring

Cherry or Blueberry Topped Ice Box Cake

American Flag Cookies

Red, White ‘n' Blue Cookies

Red, White, and Blue Fruit Pizza

All-American Apple Pie

Red, White & Blue American Pie

Deep Dish Apple Crumb Pie

Patriotic Jello Mold

Patriotic Poke Cake

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