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Make These Fantastic Dinner Rolls


Make These Fantastic Dinner Rolls

Do you want to know how to make your own dinner rolls? You're in the right place! This is a straightforward dinner rolls recipe that you're sure to return to again and again. Having homemade dinner rolls on hand is always useful for dinner.

Dinner rolls can be served with so many different dinners. They can also be an easy thing to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner. You don't need to bring an elaborate side dish or a pie to delight everyone at dinner. Some warm, soft dinner rolls will do the trick!

Other Breads to Make

Dinner rolls are certainly not the only type of bread you should be making! Making homemade bread is always a good idea. By using only homemade bread, you'll stay away from the preservatives and other additives in many store-bought loaves.

A good place to start is by making your own homemade white bread. This bread can be for sandwiches, toast, or anything else! It's a flexible type of bread, and one that every family should have a good recipe for. The extra effort will be worth the delicious smells of baking bread wafting throughout your home.

Sourdough has become very popular in recent years, so why not make your own? Some sourdough recipes can be overly complicated, so make sure to take your time in finding the right one. Many cooks wind up overthinking their sourdough, and as a result they spend more time than they need to in the kitchen.

Finally, make some cinnamon raisin bread! This type of bread works great as toast, since it offers a mix of sweet and savory tastes. Raisins may not be a huge hit with kids, but when they're blended with cinnamon you may find that they suddenly become more appealing!

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Basket of freshly baked dinner rolls with tableware in background. Macro with shallow dof.

Fantastic Dinner Rolls

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Yeast Sponge

1 (1/4 oz) Package dry yeast
1/4 cup water warmed to 115°F
1 teaspoon sugar


1/2 cup butter, cut into 8 pieces
1 cup boiling water
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1/4 cup sugar
2 eggs, beaten
4 cups flour


1. For the yeast sponge: dissolve yeast in warm water. Add sugar. Set in a warm place for 10 minutes to proof.

2. For the dough: Whisk the butter into boiling water to melt. Add salt and sugar and mix well. Cool.

3. Mix cooled butter mixture, eggs, and proofed yeast sponge in the bowl of standing mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Add 2 cups of the flour and mix well. Add the remaining 2 cups flour and mix to form a soft dough.

4. Coat a medium bowl with butter or vegetable spray. Place dough in greased bowl. Coat a piece of plastic wrap with vegetable spray (to prevent sticking) and place it loosely over dough. Place in refrigerator and let rise for at least 2 hours or overnight.

5. Coat the cups and top surface of a 12-cup muffin pan with butter or vegetable spray. Turn dough out onto a floured work surface. Pat or gently roll to a 10-inch by 10-inch square. Cut into 12 equal pieces with floured knife. Roll the dough pieces into balls, place in prepared muffin pan, and let rise in a warm place for 30 to 60 minutes, or until double in size.

6. Set the oven rack in the middle position. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

7. Brush rolls with melted butter and bake 18 to 22 minutes, or until golden brown. Turn rolls out onto a metal rack to cool. Store rolls wrapped in wax paper at room temperature.

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