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The 5 Oldest Schools In Arizona Are Ancient

One Room School House

The 5 Oldest Schools In Arizona Are Ancient

On February 14, 1912, Arizona officially became a state. Known as one of the most beautiful states in America, Arizona is captivating with its natural beauty. From Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon, nature all around is spectacular. The schools in Arizona also retain plenty of history that we will explore in this post. Keep reading below about the history of the oldest schools in Arizona. 

Tree and the edge of the Grand Canyon cliff, Arizona
Phoenix has an immense natural beauty that feels free and captivating while you are there.

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The Alhambra Elementary School District, 1888

4510 N. 37th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85019

Although the Alhambra Elementary School District is not necessarily a single school, it does possess quite a bit of Arizona's history. Before Arizona became a state, the little one-room schoolhouse that kick-started the Alhambra Elementary School District rose to life. The start of this school was on August 6, 1888. It now has over 17 schools within the district and more than 10,000 students in attendance. 

Vision For The School

Many schools embrace the genuine fact that the whole child deserves education and care, not just the child's mind. The schools in the Alhambra Elementary School District are no exception. These schools make it their goal to educate the whole child. They also try to include the community and the child's family in their education journey. Doing so allows the students to thrive even more. 

Statistics and Ratings

Niche.com gives a snapshot of the statistics and ratings of a particular school or district. It is important to remember that while statistics are great for gaining a clear perspective, they are not the only puzzle piece. Before deciding on your child's education, looking at all the factors is equally important. With that said, here are the statistics of the Alhambra Elementary School District. 

Alhambra Elementary School District has around 10,665 students in attendance. The reading proficiency is 27%, while the math proficiency is 29%. Also, the student-to-teacher ratio is 19:1. 

Kenilworth Elementary School, 1920

1210 N 5th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003

Since Arizona didn't officially become a state until 1912, it makes sense that one of the oldest schools still standing wasn't built until 1920. Kenilworth Elementary School was named after a popular novel written by Sir Walter Scott. The purpose of this school was to show the evergrowing and booming town of Phoenix that the future was bright! It also gave the townspeople hope in their abilities and the coming years as the town flourished. 

Vision for the School

Kenilworth Elementary School is inclusive of everyone. They desire to be a place where everyone can learn and thrive daily! This is, in fact, their mission. 

Statistics and Ratings

Kenilworth Elementary School offers education to 511 students from grades pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. The student-to-teacher ratio is 18:1, with 28 teachers. The overall testing ranking is in the bottom 50%, with a math proficiency of 7% and a reading proficiency of 23%. 

Group portrait of elementary school kids in school corridor
Many excellent elementary schools in Arizona focus on educating the whole child.

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Tucson High School, 1906

400 N 2nd Ave Tucson, AZ 85705

Years before Arizona officially became a state, Tuscon High School was doing its part in educating young minds. This school officially started in 1906 when the law changed. Completing the 9th grade before being able to apply to the University of Arizona Preparatory Department was necessary. Tuscon High School has many notable alumni attend the school, including Dave Baldwin, Peggy Webber, and Alan Fudge. 

Vision For The School

Tuscon High School takes the success of each student seriously. The mission and vision of this school is to be a place where every student can thrive in their educational journey. The instruction given is vast, including mathematics, humanities, and the arts. 

Equal opportunity, inclusion, respect for ethical differences, and preserving traditions are all equally important to Tuscan High School. This school also believes it is important to view individual responsibility earnestly. 

Statistics and Ratings

At Tuscon High School, there are 3,216 students in enrollment with a teacher-student ratio of 19:1 and 169 teachers. The testing proficiency is in the bottom 50% of the state, while the graduation ratio is 84%. Reading proficiency is 22%, and math proficiency is 16%. 

Mesa High School, 1909

1630 East Southern Avenue Mesa, Arizona 85204

The original Mesa High School was first built in 1909. It proudly stands as the oldest high school in Mesa. The school stood tall until 1967, when a fire burnt it all to the ground. However, this did not stop the school; its resurrection occurred in 1972 with the new and current building.

The school motto contains a fascinating, albeit sad, history. The school teams are the Jackrabbits. In 1932, a fellow Jackrabbit, Zedo Ishikawa, was killed in an accidental shooting right before the season's first football game. Before he passed, he told his teammates to “carry on.” This is where the longstanding and meaningful motto took life. It is still the motto today. 

Vision For The School

At Mesa high school, the focus is on creating an excellent education for each individual student. This is done one step at a time with each student. Diversity is significant to Mesa High School, as is celebrating all successes. 

Statistics and Ratings

Mesa High School offers education to students from grades ninth through twelfth. It currently has 3,460 students in enrollment. The testing proficiency is in the bottom 50%; the reading proficiency is 23%, and the math proficiency is 19%. The student-to-teacher ratio is 21:1. The graduation rate is 79%. 

Mesa High School in the News

On May 23, 2023, Swim Swam reported that Mesa High School lost its head swim coach, Mike Haney. Haney, 54, had been the head swim coach for Mesa High for 22 years. He'd spent his entire career working at the school, beginning his time there in 1993. He was recognized as an inspiration to many, with his influence following many of his athletes beyond their time at Mesa.

On June 1, 2023, AZ Family reported that hundreds showed up to a tribute at the school for Mike Haney. In addition to being Mesa High's head swim coach, he was an AP History teacher and a lifeguard. He won Coach of the Year three times. A GoFundMe was set up to help the family with funeral and other expenses. His sons attended the tribute and shared their thoughts on their dad.

High School can be a good place to practice autonomy and find new passions.

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University of Arizona, 1885


The University of Arizona first became a college in 1885. Ten years later, in 1895, three students became the first official graduates of the University of Arizona. This graduation ceremony transpired in the Old Main building to celebrate Charles Oma Rouse, Mercedes Anna Shibell, and Mary Flint Walker. 

Another fun fact, have you ever wondered who helped map the moon to land the Eagle? In case you have, the answer is the University of Arizona did! 

Vision For The School

Adaptability and problem-solving are very important for the future success of anyone. The University of Arizona knows this. That is why the vision for the school is to help encourage students to become adaptable and learn how to problem solve. Doing so will aid in their future success. 

Statistics and Ratings 

The University of Arizona has an 87% acceptance rate. The SAT scores range between 1120 and 1370, and the ACT ranges between 21 and 29. Student to faculty ratio is 14:1. The top three most popular majors are Psychology, Liberal Arts and Humanities, and Physiology and Pathology. 

The University of Arizona also makes it possible for students to study online by offering virtual courses. There are currently 29,498 undergraduates enrolled at this college. 

University of Arizona in the News

A former University of Arizona student was sentenced for drug trafficking and firearms charges, KOLD reported on July 21, 2023. The student, 22-year-old Jonathan Edward Mayer, was in the middle of attending the University of Arizona when authorities raided his apartment. Agents found marijuana, cocaine, a gun altered to fire at high speeds, six additional firearms, mushrooms, amphetamines, LSD, and a money counter, along with $20,000 in cash. Mayer was sentenced to 84 months in prison.

Hill Air Force Base announced on July 13, 2023 that it had created an educational partnership with the University of Arizona. The collaboration will involve internships, training programs, and the potential for faculty research. Representatives from the base visited the University of Arizona recently to tour their engineering labs. The university looks forward to the potential for collaboration between it and the Air Force.

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College is a great opportunity to invest in friendships and new experiences.



There is nothing quite like the beauty of nature in Arizona. There are so many unique natural attractions, including the Antelope Canyon, Meteor Crater, Horseshoe Bend, and Monument Valley. Yet, the uniqueness of this place doesn't stop there. Arizona is also filled with immense history, some incredible, others very painful. The oldest schools in Arizona carry a rich, exciting history that still stands today. 

Regardless of your desire for your child's education, Arizona has outstanding schools. Arizona has plenty to offer, from the newest to the oldest ones. If you enjoy reading about history and want to explore more of our fantastic posts on the oldest schools in America, check out the great ones below! 

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