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The 6 Oldest Schools In Texas Are Ancient

The 6 Oldest Schools In Texas Are Ancient

Education has been around for a long time. In fact, creating opportunities for children to succeed and thrive in their knowledge and education has always been at the forefront of parents and society as a whole. If you enjoy history and are curious about the oldest schools in Texas, you have come to the right place. This article will review the oldest schools in this vibrant state, the history behind the school, the vision, and more! 

Texas is known for ranching, cowboys, being the colossal boot state, and so much more. Also, one thing that Texas has is a rich history when it comes to education. The schools on this list all started in the 1800s and have adapted and persevered to be still standing today! 

Eanes Elementary School, 1872

4101 Bee Caves Rd, West Lake Hills, TX 78746

Eanes Elementary School is in Austin, TX. The first Eanes establishment was initially formed in 1872, making it over 150 years old! Additionally, Robert Eanes was the builder of Eanes School. As per the norm in the 1800s, the schoolhouse was a one-room log cabin where students of all ages would gather to learn their lessons in a much different way than today. After two years, the schoolhouse moved to where Eanes Elementary sits today, on a two-acre lot. 

Another fun fact about Eanes Elementary is that the art building was initially built to be used as a chapel! 

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Vision for the School

Eanes Elementary is a school for children in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. It has a clear vision for its students. The central vision is to encourage all students to work for the good of the community and their peers. It also strives to teach students how to support one another and also offer support. 

Statistics and Ratings

Regarding statistics and ratings, public school reviews offer a quick and precise snapshot of the schools you search for. Although it is a great chance to check out the test scores, student enrollment, and more, rankings and statistics are not the only factor in a school's success. Use the statistics as a tool; however, consider other factors before deciding where to send your child. 

When it comes to the statistics of Eanes Elementary, it is in the top 10% of the schools in Texas. In addition, math proficiency is in the top 10%, and so is reading proficiency. The reading proficiency is 71%, while math proficiency is 63%. 

Also, the student-to-teacher ratio is 11:1, putting it lower than the average school in Texas. In addition, Eanes Elementary has 577 students in enrolment and 51 students. 

Pease Elementary School, 1876

1800 W. 22nd St. Odessa, TX 79763

Pease Elementary School is in Odessa, Tx. Named for Governor Elisha M. Pease, Pease Elementary School has operated since 1876. The Texas Historical Commission designated it as a Historic Landmark in 2013. One fun fact about this school, it was opened the same year that the constitution of Texas was adopted. Although it was originally named Austin Grade School House, the name change did not occur until 1902. 

Vision for the School

Pease Elementary School aims to give students a safe and quality place where they can learn and grow with their peers. It is also important to this school to encourage students to become lifelong learners who continue their education whether or not they pursue post-graduation schooling. They can do this by learning that knowledge is all around us and that education never truly stops being pursueable. 

Pease Elementary School also has high expectations for its students, and it shines through in its affluent teaching system. The main focus is on encouraging life skills that are both fundamental and important. 

Statistics and Ratings

Pease Elementary has 551 students in enrollment and offers grades prekindergarten to second. The student-to-teacher ratio is 17:1, and there are also 33 teachers. When it comes to proficiency, Pease Elementary has 32% in math proficiency and 24% in reading proficiency. 

Group portrait of elementary school kids in school corridor
Elementary schools are excellent places for children to create lasting friendships, gain autonomy, and explore interests.

©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com

Incarnate Word Academy – Elementary, 1873

609 Crawford St, Houston, TX 77002

Incarnate Word Academy has the privilege of being the oldest Catholic school in Houston, TX. Bishop John Odin asked three sisters from the religious order of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament to come help start a school for young women. Once they arrived, they got to work right away. Many girls started attending this school; the school has always had a diverse ethnic background. The focus of the school changed in the twentieth century. The school was originally started as a finishing school. However, it changed course, and the focus became on college preparation. 

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Vision for the School

The focus of Incarnate Word Academy is to provide a high-quality education that focuses both on spirituality and also on academics. It is an all-girls school and encourages the girls to form bonds and empathy with one another. 

The main vision of the school is to guide students during their relationship with Jesus and learn what His word states about living life for Him. 

Statistics and Ratings

Incarnate Word Academy is a private school that offers a Catholic education to children in grades prekindergarten up to eighth grade. There are 180 students in enrollment. Incarnate also offers rolling enrollment, meaning students can start attending at any time. The student-teacher ratio is 12:1, and it has 15 teachers. 

Preteen Catholic School Girls
Two of the oldest schools in Texas are Catholic schools, which had the vision of creating spaces where children can learn fundamental skills while growing in their faith.


Guardian Angels Central Catholic High School, 1852

1403 N. St Marys St.San Antonio, TX 78215

Guardian Angels Central Catholic High School is in San Antonio, TX. It started as an all-boy private Catholic school and still continues today. It was started by Brother of the Society of Mary on March 25th, 1852. During this time, there were no schools geared explicitly for boys. The Society of Mary was started in 1817 to spread the Catholic faith worldwide. 

From the very beginning, this school has helped men grow into contributing members of society with a focus on God and family. What started as a two-room school house with 100 pupils has grown in strides. 

Vision for the School

The vision for this school is to teach what Jesus states about life, while offering a high-quality education for its boys. Central Catholic High School offers a Marianist education fully rooted in the foundations of Jesus. Boys are encouraged to serve others and ensure that peace is given to everyone.

Statistics and Ratings

Guardian Angels Central Catholic High School is an addition to the overall Guardian Angels Central Catholic schools that offer grades prekindergarten up to twelve. There are currently 310 students in enrollment. The teacher-student ratio is 10:1, and it offers rolling enrollment. There are also 30 teachers. 

Stephen F. Austin High School, 1881

1715 West Cesar Chavez Street Austin, TX 78703

Stephen. F Austin High School originally began in 1881 in Austin, TX. The first classes took place at the West Austin School building, then moved to the First Baptist Church, the State Capitol, and the Smith Opera House. 

Vision for the School

Stephen F. Austin High School aims to encourage students to become life-long learners. When a person continues to be a lifelong learner, they become responsible and productive members of society. All of this leads to autonomy and active lives of thriving. The education Stephen F. Austin High offers intends to produce productive members of society. 

Statistics and Ratings

Stephen F. Austin High School currently has 2,349 students in enrollment. The grades offered are ninth grade to twelfth grade. When it comes to testing proficiency, this high school scores in the top 10% of the schools in Texas. The reading proficiency is 73%, and the math proficiency is 53%. There is a student-teacher ratio of 18:1, and there are 132 teachers. Also, the graduation rate for Stephen F. Austin High School is 98%; it falls in the top 5% of all Texas schools. 

Notable Stephen F. Austin High Alumni

As one of the oldest schools in Texas, Stephen F. Austin High has some notable alumni. These include:

  • Devard Darling, former wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Adam Senn, model
  • Keshi, singer, songwriter, and producer
  • Jerry Hughes, defensive end for the Houston Texans
  • Lab Ox, hip-hop producer
  • Simone Manuel, 2016 Olympic gold medal winner
  • Devaughn Darling, former wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs
Members Of Female High School Volleyball Team
High school is a great place to play new sports, engage in clubs or activities, and hang out with friends.

©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com

Baylor University, 1845

1 Bear Place, Waco, TX, 76798

Baylor University is a Baptist college that averages 4,271 new students a year. Baylor University began in 1845 after Reverend William Milton Tryon and Judge R.E.B Baylor pushed for a Baptist university to be started in Texas. 

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Later on, in the 1800s, the consolidation of Baylor and Waco University took place. Baylor University was originally in Independence, TX but then was moved to Waco.

Pat Neff Hall at Baylor University
Baylor University is a Baptist institute that aims to encourage students in secondary education to couple faith and education together.


Vision for the School

Baylor University was started with the goal and vision to encourage leadership and education to go hand in hand with Christianity. One of the main goals is to create empathy within its students and encourage them to serve the community. God's word and what he states about living life contribute to guiding the education at Baylor University. 

Statistics and Ratings

Baylor University is a large college with an enrollment of 15,191 students in undergrad courses. Baylor University is a private Baptist institute in Waco, TX. There is an acceptance rate of 57% with this school. 

Academically, Baylor University has a 16:1 student Faculty ratio. The most popular major at this college is nursing, and the next most popular major is biology or biological sciences. 

Notable Baylor University Alumni

With over 180,000 living alumni, Baylor University has a long list of notable alumni. Some of them include:

  • Angela Kinsey, actress
  • Crystal Bernard, actress
  • Jo Jorgensen, Libertarian Party candidate for president in 2020
  • Kara Killmer, actress
  • Willie Nelson, country music artist
  • Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle
  • Drayton McLane, former owner of the Houston Astros
  • Jack Lummus, Medal of Honor recipient in World War II
  • Hallie Earle, first licensed female physician in Waco
  • Norman Shumway, pioneer in heart surgery
  • Mike Singletary, former linebacker for the Chicago Bears and Pro Football Hall of Famer

One Final Note

Texas is a vibrant state with many historical landmarks, a rich history, and fantastic weather. Many people describe visiting Texas as visiting your next-door neighbor. The people are friendly and personable. Personality and weather is not the only thing Texas has going for itself. Texas has impressive educational choices, even when it comes to the oldest schools in the state! These schools on this list are filled with character, history, and values that bring the schools to life and adapt to change. 

In order for a school to be longstanding as these ones, they have to be able to face any challenges that come their way and persevere! That is what these schools have adapted to doing. From elementary schools like Eanes Elementary to Baylor University, each school started with a goal and has reached that goal tenfold. So, whether you enjoy researching old schools or are looking for a great school to send your child to, these schools are fantastic, filled with incredible history, and have a unique character. Wanting to read more about the oldest schools in America? Take a look at the ones below! 

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