What to Take to the Hospital for labor and delivery

Be prepared for labor with this checklist. Have your bag packed and all the "must haves" ready to go so when you are in labor, you won't need to worry about forgetting anything.

Things to Take to the Hospital When In Labor

For Mom:

*Your birthplan
*Nightgown and/or pajamas (if breastfeeding, then bring ones made for nursing)
*2 - 4 bras (nursing bras if you plan to breastfeed)
*3 - 6 pairs of underpants
*Robe or bed jacket
*Toiletries: toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, lotion, comb/brush, lip balm/chap stick
*Something to pull hair back during labor
*Something to use as a focal point during labor
*Going home outfit.
*Lollipops or hard candy to keep your mouth moist during labor
*An activity (such as pre-addressing birth announcements or crossword puzzles) or a book to keep busy during early labor
*Eyeglasses or contact lenses
*Address book

For labor partner:

*Insurance information
*Change of clothes and toiletries.
*Reading material.
*List of people and phone numbers to call

For baby:

*T-shirt, socks, hat
*Going home outfit
*Bunting/jacket for colder months
*Receiving blanket / blanket
*Car seat


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