Space Party Theme

3, 2, 1, Ignition....BLAST OFF!

A child’s party does not have to be a huge gut wrenching event. Make it easy on yourself and choose a theme you know your child will love. Everything after that will come easily. Does your child go to sleep with visions of NASA dancing in his head? Indulge your budding aerospace engineer with an out of this world birthday party. This may not seem like a fantastic theme, but really give it a minute the possibilities are as limitless as space itself.

The older star gazer

Space parties for teenagers are an ironic sort of theme. I mean a teenager is connotatively alien, at least to his or her parents. (Don’t sweat it; by the same token you parents are equally alien to them.) Celebrate it with an alien party. Tell the guests to arrive in alien grab. Then go for a star gazing hike, take telescopes star maps and enough chaperones and find all your favorite constellations. Be sure to take time of the year into account. There is no point trying to find constellations that only rise in the winter in July.

Another activity could also be the launching of your very own rockets. This is not as expensive or complicated as it may seem. Get a few inner tubes from paper towel rolls; decorate them any way you wish and they can be launched from launch pad created with a bit of PVC piping. Simple instructions are on the internet.

The never fail stand-by

If all this sound a bit too nerdy, try a good old fashioned movie party. There are almost as many space movies as heavenly bodies. Take your pick; add junk food and most teenagers are all set.

Movies are limited to pleasing teen aged children. Most young boys over the age of four know who Luke Skywalker is and really want to be him.

Newest Cadets

In addition to movies there are several games that are sure to entertain younglings. Provide them with a pile of legos and a time limit. Then instruct them to build the best space ship they can in 5 minutes. Their creativity will do the rest. Be sure to snap a photo of them with their creation and send it to them with the thank you note.

Let them play out their Luke fantasies by having a dark Jedi Lord visit the party and challenge each cadet to a duel. You will need someone to dress the part and light sabers, but the entertainment is well worth the added effort. Your little space cadets will love it.

What do you eat in Space?

Food is the easy part here, you can serve anything you wish, just make it look funny. Add toothpicks to the veggie tray. Put tin foil on the doughnuts. Use glittery frosting on the cake. Anything you can think of to make your buffet offerings look out of this world.

The sky, literally, is the limit!


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