Winter Olympic Games Party Theme

Winter birthdays come alive with fun and activity when you take the party outdoors

Everyone likes to play in the snow, so why are winter parties so often confined to the indoors? Take the party out and watch the cost and time invested diminish, while the fun factor sky rockets.

Life is just a bowl of Snowballs

There are scads of games to play outside in the winter. Try having a snow man building contest. Divide the party into groups, provide them with an assortment of odd accessories, a work area and let them create the snow person of their collective dreams. Its fun, it’s imaginative and takes little effort on your part.

Other perennial winter favorites are sledding, snowball fights or a relay race. A great relay race that combines the best of snow adventure is as follows:

Divide into teams. Set up a course that has each team member run to several stations and complete a snow related task before they move on. Station one: make 10 snowballs, Station two: Make a snow angel, Station three: pull a sled through a slolm course. The first them to complete each task with all members wins.

Older kids

Snow parties for older kids can be even easier. Drop them off at their favorite ski resort and pick them up at the end of the day. Simple right?

If this is not an option, many of the games above can be adapted to please an older crowd. The relay race will still be a hit, but challenge them more at each station. For example add a target that they must hit with a snowball in Station one.

A snowball fight and snowman building contest will still be fun, no matter the age. Make it more challenging for older kids by assigning them a theme they have to copy or an item they have to create for the other teams to guess. This would be like pictionary using snow, instead of a pencil and paper. Or, if you want to keep it a simple snowman contest add at time limit.

Let’s take a breather!

When it is time to come indoors and warm up serve, hot chocolate and warm cinnamon rolls. This will please even the most finicky eaters and warm them tummy to toes.

Why make a cake when an extra large and sticky cinnamon roll topped with a candle does the trick! This is a great way to simplify and still have candle blowing for Birthday Boy or girl. An informal cake can be very fun. Let Jack Frost take care of the décor and kick the party outside while you stand by with a video camera to capture all those memories. Happy Birthday!


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