____ Decide where to get married:
- City (consider getting married at your honeymoon location - although it might be hard for many guests to attend)
- Specific location
____ Ask people to perform functions for wedding, e.g.,
- Maid of Honor:
- Bridesmaids:
- Best Man:
- Groomsmen/ushers:
- Guest book:
- Cut cake (after bride and groom cut first piece(s):
- Clean up:
- Take gifts:

____ Determine which family members should be included - to help determine how long it will take and so you can notify family members when you'd like for them to be in place for pictures

____ Decide on a schedule of events including:
- Pictures of family members
- Who will do what

____ Type up schedule of events including events which are intended to be at specific times and events which will be done in a specific order :
- Earliest to drop off kids with babysitter
- Earliest to drop off items for wedding and/or reception
- Attendees seated for ceremony
- Pictures, including who should be in pictures
- Food served (will bride and groom be served first?)
- Champagne provided
- Toast by best man
- Cake cut
- Bride and groom's first dance
- Bride and groom dance with parents
- Money dance
- Groom removes garter from bride
- Groom throws garter to bachelors
- Bride throws flower bouquet to bachelorettes
- Bride and groom depart

____ Provide copies of schedule of events to appropriate people, including:
____ Wedding coordinator
____ Photographer
____ Videographer
____ Those you would like included in family pictures
____ Buy gifts for each other

____ Collect items to take to wedding:
____ Safety pins (to fix clothing problems)
____ Tissue for bride to put in cuff
____ Ring

____ Don't tie rings on ring pillow too tight

After reception:
____ Bride and groom exchange gifts


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