Second Trimester

  • Energy Levels: Moms almost universally report a surge in energy and feelings of well being during the second trimester.  The morning sickness is gone, mom doesn’t feel like 2 pm is national nap time and moodiness is leveled off. 
  • This second three months of pregnancy is the calm between the storms.  As baby grows and pregnancy progresses, moms move back into feelings of discomfort caused by the heaviness and awkwardness of advanced sizes in late pregnancy.
    • Getting through: Just enjoy it! The feeling of having loads of energy to burn and giddy pregnancy joy doesn’t usually last.  The best thing to do is use that extra energy to hit the gym.  Keeping those muscles tone and in shape will help speed labor and birth.  A toned body will also help mom shed the pregnancy pounds once baby has vacated the premises.  Lastly, when mom is buff under the baby belly, it doesn’t feel so heavy and uncomfortable.


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