Dakari is a strong baby name for boys. The name Dakari has only recently crossed the cultural lines as it’s steadily finding popularity throughout the world. Keep reading to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Dakari:

African for “rejoice”.

Origin of the name Dakari:

The baby name Dakari has African roots. More specifically, Dakari comes from the Shona language, and the Shona people are a Bantu ethic group that are native to South Africa. In fact, Shona is known to be the largest indigenous group in Zimbabwe.

Symbolism of the name Dakari:

From its meaning, the baby name Dakari can serve as a symbol of hope, something to be praised.

Style of the name Dakari:


Gender of the name Dakari:

Dakari is primarily used as a baby name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Dakari:


Number of syllables in the name Dakari:


Emotion evoked from the name Dakari:

Dakari is a baby name that emits feelings of happiness as well as strength, devotion, and power.

Alternative spellings for the name Dakari:

  • Dakarai

Nicknames for the name Dakari:

There are no popular nicknames from the baby name Dakari.

Popularity of the name Dakari:

According to information from the Social Security Index, the baby name Dakari has only recently saw popularity in the U.S. The year 2020 marked its highest ranking as Dakari reached up to rank #665 in the top 1000.

Related names for the name Dakari:

  • Damari
  • Bakari
  • Deshal
  • Damarius
  • Demari 

Great middle names for Dakari and their meanings:

  • Kano (the god of the waters)
  • Atticus (from Attica)
  • Zuri (good, beautiful)
  • Milo (soldier, merciful)
  • Ezra (help)
  • Kanye (honor, tribute)
  • Obi (heart)
  • Theodore (gift of God)

Famous people with the name Dakari:

  • Dakari Johnson (American basketball player)
  • Dakari Gwitira (Zimbabwe-born DJ, music producer, and audio engineer)

Dakaris in movies/pop culture:

The baby name Dakari is not found often in pop culture.