Gillian is a baby name that is a feminine take on a traditional male name. The baby name Gillian also comes with various origins. Read on to learn more facts about the name.

Meaning of the name Gillian:

English for “youthful”.

Origin of the name Gillian:

As a baby name, Gillian has some long-stretching origins. The name Gillian originally came to be as a Medieval English feminine spin on the name “Julian”. Though it has English origins, the name can even be traced back to Roman roots as “Julian” comes from “Julius”, a name related to the Roman god Jupiter.

Symbolism of the name Gillian:

Gillian is a baby name that has connections that trace all the way back to the Roman god Jupiter. This can give the name Gillian the symbolism of abundance, power, protection, and even luck.

Style of the name Gillian:


Gender of the name Gillian:

The baby name Gillian is mainly used for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Gillian:

JIL-ee-ən or GIL-ee-ən

Number of syllables in the name Gillian:


Emotion evoked from the name Gillian:

Gillian is a baby name that feels light, creative, and free.

Alternative spellings for the name Gillian:

  • Jillian 
  • Gillan
  • Gilian
  • Ghillian
  • Ghilian

Nicknames for the name Gillian:

  • Gil
  • Gilly
  • Gillie
  • Lian

Popularity of the name Gillian:

The baby name Gillian has held some popularity throughout the years, landing on the top 1000 baby names on numerous occasions. According to the Social Security Administration, the name Gillian landed as high as #303 in 1999.

Related names for the name Gillian:

Great middle names for Gillian and their meanings:

  • Evelyn (desired; water, island)
  • Wren (small bird)
  • Laurie (bay laurel)
  • Cody (helpful, pillow)
  • Doe (a female deer)
  • Haven (word name)
  • Tillie (battle mighty)
  • Hayden (heather-grown hill)

Famous people with the name Gillian:

Gillians in movies/pop culture:

  • Gillian Andrassy (character in the American soap opera “All My Children”)
  • Gillian Owens (character in the novel and film “Practical Magic”)
  • Gillian(character in the 1986 film “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”)
  • Gillian Seed (character in the video game “Snatcher”)
  • Gillian (character in the novel “Jill”)
  • “Gillian” (novel by Frank Yerby)