Harlynn is another example of a name that takes a modern approach to spelling a classic. This not only makes it stand out in a crowd, but adds a bit of extra flair to the name. Read on to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Harlynn:

Old English: Army land

Origin of the name Harlynn:

Harlynn is a name of Old English origin that roughly translates to “army land”.

Symbolism of the name Harlynn:

Harlynn typically symbolizes not only a hope for success, but also hopes that a child will stand out amongst his or her peers.

Style of the name Harlynn:


Gender of the name Harlynn:

Harlynn is a unisex name that is given to both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Harlynn:


Number of syllables in the name Harlynn:


Emotion evoked from the name Harlynn:

Harlynn typically evokes emotions of curiosity and happiness.

Alternative spellings for the name Harlynn:

Nicknames for the name Harlynn:

Popularity of the name Harlynn:

According to the Social Security Administration, the name Harlynn has never ranked as one of the most popular baby names in the United States.

Related names for the name Harlynn:

Great middle names for Harlynn and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Harlynn:

According to our resources, there are no famous people with the name “Harlynn”.

Harlynns in popular culture:

There are no notable characters with the name “Harlynn” in popular culture.