Javeon is an urban and modern baby name for boys. It comes from Javon and has several spelling variations, including Jayvion and Javion. As of 2021, Javeon itself is a top 4,600 option for boys.

Meaning of the name Javeon:

American: invented name

Origin of the name Javeon:

Javeon is a spelling variation of the baby name Javon. Parents in the African American community created Javon in the late twentieth century. It comes from the combination of several phonetic elements. Parents likely drew inspiration from “ja,” “jay,” and “von.” The name continues to be popular in African American and urban cultures, as does Javeon.

Symbolism of the name Javeon:

Javeon translates to “invented name.” It did not exist before the end of the twentieth century. Remember, it comes from three potential phonetic elements when considering its origins, “ja,” “jay,” and “von.”

Style of the name Javeon:


Gender of the name Javeon:

Javeon is an urban name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Javeon:


Number of syllables in the name Javeon:


Emotion evoked from the name Javeon:

Javeon feels youthful and trendy. It is an upbeat and urban baby name.

Alternative spellings for the name Javeon:

Nicknames for the name Javeon:

  • Jay
  • Vee
  • Veon
  • Jave
  • Javie
  • Javy
  • JJ

Popularity of the name Javeon:

Javeon has no history on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Popularity Index. As of 2021, it is a top 4,600 option. More specifically, Javeon is number 4,526 for boys.

Related names for the name Javeon:

Great middle names for Javeon and their meanings:

  • Gabriel (God is my strength)
  • Caleb (whole-hearted, faithful, brave, bold)
  • Ezra (helper, help)
  • Donovan (brown-haired chieftain, dark)
  • Caden (spirit of battle, friend, companion)
  • Reginald (counsel and rule, mighty counselor)
  • Achilles (pain)
  • Wesner (lives by meadowland)

Famous people with the name Javeon:

Javeons in popular culture:

There are no fictional references to the name Javeon.