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South Dakota residents are familiar with the name Kristi, thanks to their governor, Kristi Noem. She is a mom of three kids, a wife, a lifelong rancher, and a farmer. She has also been their republican governor since 2019.

Meaning of the name Kristi

Latin: Follower of Christ

Origin of the name Kristi

Kristi is a name that is Latin in origin. Its various additional spellings include Christie, Kristy, Christi, and Christy, each of which have the foundation of Christ or Krist. The name means follower of Christ.

Symbolism of the name Kristi

Kristi is intuitive and idealistic. She enjoys freedom and the chance to enjoy life. She tends to be a little restless and is always looking for new experiences. Kristi is always honest and fair because that is how she receives honesty and justice from other people. She is not good at being tied down to rules.

Style of the name Kristi


Gender of the name Kristi

Kristi is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Kristi


Number of syllables in the name Kristi


Emotion evoked from the name Kristi

Kristi tends to be quite emotional. She will love more, suffer more, and give more than the average person. She is also idealistic and can become more disillusioned than most. Kristi is happy and carefree, and it may take her longer to form attachments to people.

Alternative spellings for the name Kristi

Nicknames for the name Kristi

Popularity of the name Kristi

Kristi became quite popular around 1946. Every few years the popularity doubled, steadily rising to be the most popular around 1978. The popularity gradually started to decline until 1992. After that, it declined a little faster until it fell off the charts around 1998.

Related names for the name Kristi

Great middle names for Kristi and their meanings

  • Jaylene (beautiful jaybird)
  • Kateline (pure)
  • Kelsey (ship’s victory)
  • Kimble (warrior chief)
  • Ana (grace)
  • Carolyn (joy or song of happiness)
  • Camyron (crooked nose)
  • Jody (jewess, praised)

Famous people with the name Kristi

  • Kristi Noem (South Dakota politician)
  • Kristi Yamaguchi (American figure skater)
  • Kristi Castlin (American hurdler)
  • Kristi Stassinopoulou (Greek singer, lyricist, and fiction writer)
  • Kristi Zea (American film producer)
  • Kristi Koppel (badminton player)

Kristis in popular culture

There were no instances of the name Kristi in popular culture with that spelling.

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