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Christa is a graceful and beautiful baby name for girls. With origins in antiquity, the fullness and reputability of this name made it a staple of the second half of the 20th century. Christa Carlyle is the name of a character in the American Vandal series, and Christa Lenz is a character in the Attack on Titan series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Christa:

Latin, Greek: Follower of Christ
Ancient Egyptian: Anointed one

Origin of the name Christa:

Christa is a short form of the name Christina. This name derives derive from the Latin title Christianus (meaning “follower of Christ”). The Latin word Christianus was a Roman adaptation of the Greek name Khristos. During antiquity, the Greeks obtain this word from the Ancient Egyptian inscription k-r-t (meaning “anointed”), and both Greeks and Romans used the word Khristos as the translation of the Hebrew word “Messiah.” Shortly thereafter, the term “christian” became the word for a believer in Christ.

Symbolism of the name Christa:

Christa is a diminutive of Christina (meaning “follower of Christ”). During the Greek and Roman era, Christ became the title for the messiah or anointed one. The symbol of the anointing was the blessed oil.

Style of the name Christa:


Gender of the name Christa:

Christa is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Christa:


Number of syllables in the name Christa:


Emotion evoked from the name Christa:

The name Christa evokes feelings of gentleness and generosity.

Alternative spellings for the name Christa:

Nicknames for the name Christa:

Popularity of the name Christa:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Christa was the 4,972nd most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Related names for the name Christa:

Great middle names for Christa and their meanings:

  • Arabella (yielding to prayer)
  • Bambi (young girl)
  • Beren (strong, clever, smart)
  • Daphne (laurel tree)
  • Gentry (well-born)
  • Jeanine (God is gracious)
  • Mechtilde (strength in battle)
  • Moira (destiny, fate)
  • Nazanin (sweetheart)
  • Norelle (honor, light)
  • Samara (protected by God, night whisper, seedling)
  • Shiloh (heavenly peace, abundance, tranquility)
  • Wendy (friend)

Famous people with the name Christa:

  • Christa Marion Ackroyd (television presenter)
  • Christa Brittany Allen (actress)
  • Christa Claire D'Souza (journalist)
  • Christa Deanne Harmotto Dietzen (volleyball player)
  • Christa Teresa Hughes (singer)
  • Christa Beatrice Miller (model)
  • Christa Laetitia Deeleman Reinhold (arachnologist)
  • Christa Agnes Tuczay (ethnologist)
  • Christa Nichole Wells (singer)
  • Christa Lee Williams Yates (softball player)

Christa in popular culture:

  • Christa Carlyle (character in the American Vandal series)
  • Christa Lenz (character in the Attack on Titan series)
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