Wendy is a fun and sweet-spirited baby name popular because of a character in “Peter Pan.” The name was originally a nickname for any Welsh option that began in the prefix “gwen-,” however. Though no longer a top 1,000 option, Wendy was rank 970 in 2018.

Meaning of the name Wendy:

English: white ring

Origin of the name Wendy:

Wendy became popular because of the play “Peter Pan” made by J.M. Barrie in 1904. Before this piece of art, however, Wendy was a diminutive for the Welsh name Gwendolen. Gwendolen was a queen in Welsh mythology who defeated her husband in the Battle of the Britons.

Symbolism of the name Wendy:

The baby name Wendy means “white ring” because of the baby name Gwendolen. The Welsh suffix “gwen-” means “white,” and “dolen” means “ring” or “loop.”

Baby name Wendy

Style of the name Wendy:


Gender of the name Wendy:

Wendy is an informal name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Wendy:


Number of syllables in the name Wendy:


Emotion evoked from the name Wendy:

Wendy is an informal and lighthearted baby name. It is wholesome and simple.

Alternative spellings for the name Wendy:

  • Wendie
  • Wendeigh
  • Wendey
  • Wendi 
  • Wendee
  • Wendei

Nicknames for the name Wendy:

  • Wennie
  • Wenny
  • Wendz
  • Wends
  • Dee
  • Dee Dee

Popularity of the name Wendy:

Wendy became a top 1,000 name in America in 1936 at rank 826. It moved to a top 200 spot in 1949, first appearing as a top 100 name from 1954 to 1956. Wendy came back to the top 100 list in 1959, remaining there until 1981. Wendy was most popular in 1970, however, at rank 28.

Related names for the name Wendy:

Great middle names for Wendy and their meanings:

  • Jo (God is gracious)
  • Violet (purple)
  • Rae (well-advised protector)
  • Skye (sky, cloud)
  • Lynn (lake)
  • Marie (star of the sea)
  • Rayne (abundant blessings from above)
  • Michelle (who resembles God?)

Famous people with the name Wendy:

  • Wendy Mass (novelist)
  • Wendy Davis (actress, “Army Wives”)
  • Wendy Jean Davis (politician)
  • Wendy Richard (actress, “Are You Being Served?”)
  • Wendy Williams (TV host)
  • Wendy Wilson (singer from Wilson Phillips band)
  • Wendy Beckett (art historian)
  • Wendy Turnbull (tennis player)

Wendys in popular culture:

  • Wendy Testaburger (character from “South Park”)
  • Wendy Beauchamp (character from “Witches of East End”)
  • Wendy Darling (character from “Peter Pan”)
  • Wendy Marvell (character from “Fairy Tail”)
  • Wendy Corduroy (character from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”)
  • Wendy (character from “Into the Dark”)
  • Wendy (character from “Wendy and Lucy”)