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Marin is a classic baby name for girls and boys. With roots in classical antiquity, this name has made a distinctive impression in popular culture. Marin Kitagawa is the protagonist of the Hero series, and Marin Frist is a character in the Men in Trees series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Marin:

Latin: From the sea, devoted to Mars

Origin of the name Marin:

Marin is a modernized variation of the Roman family name Marinus. This name derives from either the Latin word marinus (meaning “of the sea”) or from the given name Marius (meaning “devoted to Mars”). In addition, the Roman god Mars has an etymological connection to the Old Latin words mas or maris (meaning “male,” “masculine,” or “warlike”).

Symbolism of the name Marin:

Marin is an updated version of the Roman cognomen Marinus. The name Marin appears frequently in Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Bulgarian, and French cultures. During Roman antiquity, the name was either a tribute to Mars or an homage to the sea. The Roman symbol of the sea was the dolphin.

Style of the name Marin:


Gender of the name Marin:

Marin is a unisex baby name — it's given to boys and girls alike.

Pronunciation of the name Marin:


Number of syllables in the name Marin:


Emotion evoked from the name Marin:

The name Marin evokes feelings of mastery and mystique.

Alternative spellings for the name Marin:

Nicknames for the name Marin:

Popularity of the name Marin:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Marin was the 1,793rd most popular baby name for girls in 2020. Marin was the 7,429th most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Marin:

Great middle names for Marin and their meanings:

  • Amadeus (love of God)
  • Ashley (ash tree meadow)
  • Barack (blessing)
  • Carol (free man, strong, virile, song)
  • Dolly (gift of God)
  • Eider (beautiful)
  • Gonzalo (battle, war)
  • Jules (youthful, downy)
  • Kora (maiden, heart, coral reef)
  • Kristian (follower of Christ)
  • Rene (reborn)
  • Thalia (dew of heaven, lamb, blossom, bloom)
  • Tito (title of honor)
  • Whitney (white island)

Famous people with the name Marin:

  • Marin Alsop (violinist and conductor)
  • Marin Jae Besler (daughter of soccer player Matthew Scott Besler)
  • Marin Kristen Clark (earth scientist)
  • Marin Petrov Goleminov (conductor)
  • Marin Elizabeth Hinkle (actress)
  • Marin Honda (figure skater)
  • Marin Yvonne Ireland (actress)
  • Marin Joy Mazzie (singer)
  • Marin Pongračić (soccer player)
  • Marin Thomas (writer)

Marin in popular culture:

  • Marin Calhoun (character in The Sinner series)
  • Marin Frist (character in the Men in Trees series)
  • Marin Kitagawa (protagonist of the Hero series)
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