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Starla is an exuberant baby name for girls. It comes from the other modern option, Star. Despite being a new name, Starla is not as popular as it once was and is just over the top 6,000 list in America.

Meaning of the name Starla:

American: star, celestial body
English: star, celestial body

Origin of the name Starla:

Starla began as an elaboration of the baby name Star. Star is a modern name that comes from the English word that is the same. Ultimately, however, the term “star” comes from the Old English “steorra.”

Symbolism of the name Starla:

The baby name Starla means “star” as it is an elaboration of Star. It comes from the old English word “steorra,” as aforementioned, which represented the celestial bodies in the night sky.

Style of the name Starla:


Gender of the name Starla:

Starla is an outgoing name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Starla:


Number of syllables in the name Starla:


Emotion evoked from the name Starla:

Starla feels youthful and exciting. It is a natural and modern name.

Alternative spellings for the name Starla:

  • Starrla
  • Starlah
  • Starrlah

Nicknames for the name Starla:

  • Star
  • Lala
  • Starry
  • Starri
  • Starrie
  • Starree
  • Stars

Popularity of the name Starla:

Starla was a top 1,000 baby name in America beginning in 1954. It lasted until 1984 when it was number 973 on the Social Security Popularity Index. Starla ranked highest in 1966 when it was at rank 700.

Related names for the name Starla:

Great middle names for Starla and their meanings:

  • Roxanne (dawn)
  • Estrella (star)
  • Marguerite (pearl, daisy)
  • Jessamine (jasmine flower)
  • Ayesha (woman, life, alive)
  • Ettie (star, myrtle leaf)
  • Imogen (maiden, innocent)
  • Esther (star)

Famous people with the name Starla:

  • Starla Saxon (ring name of Molly Holly, professional wrestler)
  • Starla Whaley (actress, “The Dollmaker”)
  • Starla Brodie (professional poker player)

Starlas in popular culture:

  • Starla (character from “Regular Show”)
  • Starla (character from “Arrested Development”)
  • Starla (character from “Starla and the Jewel Riders”)
  • Starla Grant (character from “Slither”)
  • Starla (character from “The Simpsons”)
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