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Tyrese is a unique modern baby name for boys. Popularized during the late 1990s, Tyrese remained a top baby name for boys born in the United States, England, and Wales during the 21st century. Tyrese was the name of a character in the True Blood series, and Tyrese is also a character in the Paw Patrol series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Tyrese:

Tyrese is a modern invention that combines the Ty- prefix with a preferred suffix. Most experts believe that these invented “Ty-” names drew inspiration from the classic name Tyrone (meaning “lord,” “warrior,” or “from the land of the yew tree”). Although the name Tyrese does not have a fixed etymology, some linguists have proposed possible origins. The first proposed meaning is “person from Tyrie”. In Scottish Gaelic, Tyrie is a surname that denotes a carpenter. The name can also derive from the Germanic name Thierri, a variation of Theodoric that means “ruler of the people”. Finally, Tyrese can originate as an elaboration of the Semitic name Tyre. In Semitic languages like Hebrew, the spelling is Tzór (צוֹר) and means “rock”.

Symbolism of the Name Tyrese:

Tyrese is a modern invented name that some linguists believe is an elaboration of the Scottish surname Tyrie (meaning “carpenter”). The symbol of the carpenter is the hand saw.

Nicknames for the Name Tyrese:

Tyrese is an awesome name! An awesome name needs some great nicknames to go with it. We've put together a list of the best nicknames for Tyrese:

  • Ty
  • Tye
  • Tyre
  • Tyree
  • Reese 
  • TyTy
  • Tee
  • Ty-Rex
  • Tyke
  • Reese's Pieces

Style of the Name Tyrese:


Gender of the Name Tyrese:


Pronunciation of the Name Tyrese:


Number of Syllables in the Name Tyrese:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Tyrese:

The name Tyrese evokes feelings of talent and trust.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Tyrese:

Popularity of the Name Tyrese:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Tyrese was the 2,143rd most popular baby name for boys in 2020. The name has not been on the top 1,000 since 2011.

  • Tyrone 
  • Trygve
  • Tarique
  • Toure
  • Thorne
  • Timothee

Great Middle Names for Tyrese and Their Meanings:

  • Antoine (highly praiseworthy)
  • Booker (bookkeeper, scribe)
  • Caleb (faithful, wholehearted, brave, canine)
  • Chaquille (handsome)
  • Damien (tame, conquer, subdue)
  • Ephraim (fruitful, prosperous)
  • Jayson (healer)
  • Khalid (endless, immortal, eternal)
  • Leonard (brave lion)
  • Marquis (nobleman, aristocrat, lord of the borderlands)
  • Olamide (my wealth has arrived)
  • Ryan (little king)
  • Sammy (God has heard)
  • Usher (gatekeeper, porter, doorman)
  • Zeke (God will strengthen)

Famous People with the Name Tyrese:

  • Tyrese Allen (actor)
  • Tyrese Campbell (footballer)
  • Tyrese Alleyne Davis (writer)
  • Tyrese Momodu Fornah (footballer)
  • Tyrese Darnell Gibson (singer)
  • Tyrese Jeffrey Martin (basketball player)
  • Tyrese James (actor)
  • Tyrese Maxey (basketball player)
  • Tyrese Demola Huxley Omotoye (footballer)
  • Tyrese Jammal Rice (basketball player)
  • Tyrese (character in the True Blood series)
  • Tyrese the Tyrannosaurus (character in the Paw Patrol series)
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