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These Are the Best Crock Pot Chili Recipes


These Are the Best Crock Pot Chili Recipes

Using a crock pot to make chili gives you the best of both worlds: the ease of the crockpot and the slow cooking that chili lovers swear by. Spices slowly permeate the chili; meat or meatless, with beans or without. On game day a crock pot gives you an easy way to keep the fan favorite hot and fresh. Try any of our crock pot chili recipes or crock pot chili dips for a hearty meal any time of the year.

Tips for Cooking the Best Chili

Some might say that cooking chili is an art. There are huge competitions centered around chili, and the dish is a centerpiece of certain regional cultures. If you want to make the best chili possible, follow these tips:

Try a recipe out before making adjustments. You might read a recipe and be immediately tempted to add more or omit an ingredient. We encourage you to try the recipe before making any changes; by doing this, you'll get a good understanding of what this particular chili recipe tastes like. Understanding a recipe is key to making the right decisions when it comes to making adjustments.

Add a touch of sweet. If you do decide to make adjustments to a chili recipe, add a touch of sweet into it. Chili is known for being spicy and impactful in flavor; by adding a hint of sweetness, you'll create a chili with a more balanced flavor. Definitely don't add too much; adding even a little bit more sweet than you should will throw the whole dish off.

Make your own chili powder. Buying chili powder from the store is easy and convenient. If you want to make your chili stand above the rest, however, you need to try making your own chili powder. Preparing your own chili powder will give you complete control over it, allowing you to fine-tune your chili even more.

Cook your chili in advance, if possible. A lot of chili recipes are even better the next day. In some circumstances it may not be possible to cook your chili the day before, but try to do so whenever you can. Make sure you store it correctly. Keep it in a sealed, airtight container in the fridge to keep it fresh.

Add some acidity. Some chili recipes already include enough acidity, but if your chili recipe of choice is lacking it, add some. Fresh tomatoes or tomato paste are two great options for adding acidity to a chili. Like with sweetness, don't overdo it. Adding even a little too much acidity will throw the balance of your chili off entirely.


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