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Fall Colors Scavenger Hunt

Fall Colors Scavenger Hunt

Fall is right around the corner. You may even start to feel it in the air and see the bright colors of fall to appear.

I like to spend fall afternoons outdoors by going for a walk, enjoying a picnic, or hiking in the mountains. Sometimes these activities get a little boring for my little one, so I created a fall colors scavenger hunt to keep her entertained and explore the outdoor's colors. The challenge of searching and finding made the outdoor activity exciting.


Whether seeing who can find all the items first or just seek and find together, the scavenger hunt can be enjoyed by all ages.

fallscavenger_5172fallscavenger_5176 fallscavenger_5177

While you are trying to get your 30 miles in 30 days, or just wanting to be outdoors with your kiddos make sure to try the fall colors scavenger hunt.

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