Stomach Ulcer Symptoms

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Stomach ulcers can be very painful and can be difficult to deal with. It used to be believed that stomach ulcers were caused entirely by stressful conditions but now it is known that most, if not all, stomach ulcers are caused by bacteria in the stomach. Stomach ulcers are completely treatable so if you suffer from stomach ulcer symptoms, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to reduce your suffering.

Stomach ulcer symptoms are difficult to deal with. They are marked mostly with a deep burning pain. The deep burning pain is very characteristic for stomach ulcers. If you have a stomach ulcer, you can feel the pain of the ulcer anywhere in your mid-section from between your navel to your breastbone. The pain is worse when your stomach is empty and the ulcer is exposed to stomach acid. The pain can last anywhere from just a few minutes to several hours and the pain can flare up in the night when you are trying to sleep. Sometimes you can reduce the pain by eating foods that buffer your stomach acid. You may experience many episodes over the course of a few days and then have none for several weeks.

In severe cases, stomach ulcer symptoms can be even more dangerous. You can begin vomiting blood. You can start to notice dark blood in your stools or have stool that are black or tar-like. This may be accompanied with vomiting and nausea. You may experience an unexplained weight loss. In some cases, you may even develop chest pains from your stomach ulcer.

Luckily, you do not have to deal with these stomach ulcer symptoms. You can seek medical treatment immediately when you experience stomach ulcer symptoms and get the pain under control and get on with your life.