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The 11 Worst Schools In Wisconsin Today

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The 11 Worst Schools In Wisconsin Today

Wisconsin is a fun-filled state steeped in history but also home to some of the country's worst schools.

“America's Dairyland” is known for its cheese, beer, and dirty production and boasts one of the highest quality of life, ranking eighth among the US' best states. In addition, the state has an impressive quality of education and is home to some of the best schools.

But unfortunately, some facilities in this state lag regarding rankings, and parents must be aware of them when searching for their kids' education experiences.

If you're looking for this information, then you're home. This review will cover the worst schools based on their GreatSchools.org ratings, graduation rates, and general quality of education.

West Ridge Elementary

1347 S Emmertsen Rd, Racine, WI 53406

West Ridge Elementary is the worst elementary school on our list. The public school became an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in 2016. Since then, the school has maintained its objective of raising inquisitive, knowledgeable, and compassionate young individuals. This reputable facility serves 293 students. 

On GreatSchools.org, the institute garners a 2/10 summary rating, which is below average. In addition, the facility recorded low pass rates in individual subjects, leading to a 1/10 rating for test scores. 

For example, Wisconsin recorded a 46% pass rate in math, yet only 3% of students in West Ridge achieved or exceeded the subject's proficiency level. In addition, just 5% passed English, compared to the state's 39% average, while those who passed science compared to 3%. 

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The performance of West Ridge Elementary in the latest statewide examinations wasn't that impressive. The school ranks 773 in the state and 14th in the Racine Unified School District. In addition, the facility ranked 951 out of 1,030 for reading proficiency, while its math proficiency rank was 360.

Jackson Elementary

2121 W Hadley St, Milwaukee, WI 53206

Jackson Elementary is our second-worst elementary school. This public school serves 247 scholars from different corners of Milwaukee City and comprises 51% females and 49% boys from diverse backgrounds.

Jackson Elementary finds itself on our list, thanks to its 2/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating. In addition, the facility rates 1/10 for test scores, meaning scholars performed way lower than the state average in individual subjects. 

At Jackson Elementary, only 2% of students passed science and social studies, compared to the state averages of 51% and 59% for the respective subjects. In addition, the population that passed English forms just 1%, whereas Wisconsin recorded a 39% average. Even worse, less than a percentage passed math, compared to 46% in the state.

Jackson Elementary isn't among the best-ranked facilities in the district or state. The school ranks 773 in the state and 78th in the Milwaukee School District. In addition, the facility ranks 1,022 out of 1,030 for both math and reading proficiency, meaning students lag behind most peers at the state and district levels.  

Elemetary school kids in a class.
At Jackson Elementary only 2% of students passed science and social studies and 1% passed English.

©Ground Picture/Shutterstock.com

Fifty-Third Street Elementary

3618 N 53Rd St, Milwaukee, WI 53216

Fifty-Third Street Elementary concludes our elementary school section. The public school is in Milwaukee and is home to 358 students. This diverse population has 51% schoolgirls and 49% schoolboys. Also, a whopping 95% of students face economic hurdles.

Fifty-Third Street Elementary has a 3/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating and scores a 1/10 for test scores, way below average. Also, the students recorded low pass rates per subject, with only 2% passing English and less than a percentage passing math.

Learners who passed social studies form just 12%, while those who excelled in science comprise 10%. These numbers are way below the respective subjects' state averages, meaning your student will likely perform below expectations at their grade levels.

Interestingly, the review site rates Fifty-Third Street Elementary at 6/10 for student progress, which is quite encouraging. If you enroll your child, they'll make average academic progress as they advance to their next academic level.

Fifty-Third also ranks 773 in the state and 78th in the Milwaukee School District. In addition, the school boasts a reading proficiency rank of 1,020 out of 1030 and ranks in the same position for math proficiency.

Lancaster Elementary

4931 N 68Th St, Milwaukee, WI 53218

Lancaster School opens our middle school section, ranking as the worst in this level of study. The institution is in Milwaukee and caters to approximately 323 learners from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade. 

Lancaster School is the epitome of equality, boasting an even split between male and female students. Each group comprises 50% of the population. In addition, it's among the most diverse learning communities in the country, and all students face economic hurdles.

Lancaster Elementary has a summary rating of 1/10 on GreatSchools.org. The school is rated 1/10 for test scores, with students exhibiting below-average performance in the school's different subjects. For instance, less than a percentage passed math and English, with Wisconsin recording 40% and 38% pass rates in both subjects.

The percentage of learners who passed social studies is 1%, while the school recorded a 2% pass rate om science. At the same time, more than half the students in the state passed the two subjects.

Lancaster Elementary ranks 773 in Wisconsin elementary schools and 78 in the district. Also, the school ranks 1,001 for reading proficiency and 998 for math proficiency.

Elementary school kids in a class.
Lancaster Elementary caters to 323 learners from pre-k to grade 8 with an even split between female and male learners.


Central City Cyberschool

4301 N 44Th St, Milwaukee, WI 53216

Central City Cyberschool is the second-worst middle school in our review. The institution is in Milwaukee and accommodates a student population of 424. About 52% of students are female, while their male counterparts trail at 48%. Almost all of these learners need financial aid. 

Central City Cyberschool has a 2/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating, and students performed below average in test scores. For example, Wisconsin recorded a middle school pass rate of 38% in English, while only 3% of scholars in this facility achieved proficiency levels in this subject. The institution also recorded the same percentage in math, whereas the state average for the same period was 40%.

Also, about 15% of scholars passed social studies, compared to the 55% state average, and just 6% achieved science proficiency.

Central City Cyberschool ranks 422 in the state and 37th among Wisconsin's middle charter schools. In addition, the school ranks 522 for reading proficiency and 525 for math proficiency. 

Metcalfe School

3400 W North Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53208

Milwaukee's Metcalfe Elementary is the last middle school entry on our list. The reputed public school has 295 scholars from pre-kindergarten to eighth grade, consisting of 47% females and 53% males. About 98% face financial hurdles as well. 

Metcalfe School has a summary rating of 5/10 on GreatSchools.org, and students' test score performance was below average. The review site awards the school a 1/10 in this category. 

At Metcalfe, less than 1% passed English and math, compared to Wisconsin's 38% and 40% pass rates for both subjects. In addition, just 2% attained math proficiency, while those who excelled in social studies formed only 9%. The state recorded an average pass rate of over 50% In both subjects.

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Notably, GreatSchools.org awards a 7/10 student progress rating, which is quite impressive. This means your child will likely improve as they climb the academic ladder.

Looking at Metcalfe School's most recent scores, the school may not make a great option for most parents. The school boasts a math proficiency rank of 525 and ranks 531 for reading proficiency.

A teacher giving a student a high five in a class.
GreatSchools.org gave Metcalfe School a 1/10 score for students' test score performance and a 5/10 summary rating.

©Drazen Zigic/Shutterstock.com

Bradley Technology High School 

700 S Fourth St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bradley Technology High School opens our high school section. The institution boasts a total enrolment of 1,003, with a gender distribution of 43% females and 57% males. In addition, about 90% of scholars here face economic hurdles, but the institution provides free and reduced-priced meals and financial aid.

But despite Bradley Technology High School's student diversity and rich culture, the institution doesn't stand out in performance. The school ranks as the worst high school on our list. The facility has a 2/10 summary rating on GreatSchools.org, which is below average by far. In addition, the school rates 1/10 for college readiness, meaning students fall behind in career and college preparedness.

Bradley Technology High School's four-year graduation rate is 67%, yet the state recorded an 89% average graduation rate. In addition, the school records an ACT participation rate of 71%, compared to the state's 90%. In general, the school's average ACT score is 14.

Bradley Technology High School ranks 13,383 nationally and 362 among its peers in Wisconsin. In addition, the reputable institution ranks 59th in the Milwaukee metro area and 9th in the district.

Horlick High School 

2119 Rapids Dr, Racine, Wisconsin

Horlick concludes our high school section. The well-established public high school boasts being the oldest high school in Racine and occupies an 11-acre campus in the city. The institution has constantly delivered top-notch high school experiences to its students throughout its years.

Horlick provides endless learning opportunities to a student body of 2,100, composed of 48% female and 52% male students. In addition, 71% come from economically limited backgrounds.

Horlick High School ranks as the second worst high school on our list and for a reason. The institution has a 2/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating, and its student progress score is also below average, at 4/10. 

The review site also rates the school at 1/10 for college readiness, meaning your student will likely perform way below Wisconsin average career and college readiness scores. Within the last four years, the school recorded an average graduation rate of 79%, yet the state average stands at 89%. In addition, the school's ACT participation rate is 79% compared to 90% for the state. Finally, the school has an ACT score of 15, a point higher than its Bradley Technology High School counterpart. 

Horlick High School ranks 13,383 in national rankings and 362 in the state. In addition, the institution ranks sixth in the Racine metro area and third among its Racine Unified School District peers.

High school students in a classroom doing group discussion.
Horlick High School recorded a 79% graduation rate within the last four years, despite the state standard being 89%.

©Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock.com

East High School 

1415 East Walnut Street Green Bay, WI 54301

Green Bay's East High School concludes our high school section. The school is home to 1,182 apprentices between grades 9-12, a population of equal male and female proportions. In addition, about 76% of students are economically disadvantaged and depend on subsidized meals and financial aid from the school. 

East High School has a 4/10 GreatSchools.org summary rating, the highest on our list. The institution also rates an impressive 8/10 for student progress, which means learners' academic progress improves by the year, even for those who began with a lower footing. However, the facility has much to do to improve the 2/10 college readiness index, which is way below average.

East High School has a four-year graduation rate of 84%, slightly below the 89% state average. The school's average ACT score stands at 16, and the facility boasts an ACT participation rate of 86%, whereas the state recorded 90%.

East High School ranks 12,267 nationally and 332 among Wisconsin high schools. The institution also ranks 16th in the Green Bay metro area and fourth in the 4th in Green Bay Area Public School District.

Bryant and Stratton College Milwaukee              

310 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 500, Milwaukee, WI 53203

Bryant and Stratton College Milwaukee opens our college section and ranks as the worst in graduation rates. But first things first, let's find out what the facility offers.

Bryant and Stratton College is a private nonprofit institution offering personalized career education and experience. The programs in these schools lead students towards high-demand professions and equip them aptly for their future career and life endeavors. 

Interestingly, the college focuses on education during the students' time there and continues to offer support and assistance to alumni beyond graduation. One notable aspect is that the college is committed to standing by its students and alumni through all stages of life. Thus, alumni can access career guidance, strategies, and affordable continuing education options whenever needed. 

Bryant & Stratton College has much to offer, but the school might discourage most scholars and parents with its low graduation rate. For the last four years, an average of 10% of scholars have graduated from school. But the school's six-year graduation is quite impressive, at 21%. In addition, the institute boasts a 31% retention rate. 

A professor with his students illustrating something on the PC.
Bryant and Stratton College Milwaukee has a six-year graduation rate of 21% and a 31% retention rate.


Milwaukee Area Technical College 

700 W State St, Milwaukee, WI 53233

Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) concludes our detailed review of Wisconsin's worst schools. The institution prides itself on offering solutions to the challenges of high tuition fees and limited job prospects. To achieve this, it serves as an alternative for individuals seeking affordable education and a pathway to an associate degree, a new career, or further studies at a four-year university. 

Throughout its years, MATC has remained committed to equal opportunity, ensuring all individuals are included and valued within its diverse community. In addition, MATC students can explore flexible options to tailor their learning experience. 

MATC offers multiple online, in-person, and hybrid classes that can fit every student's schedule. Even better, you can access the school's multiple locations and a virtual campus 24/7, a move aimed at meeting students where they are. 

Notably, MATC serves over 28,000 students each year. In addition, an impressive 92% of associate degree graduates find employment within six months of completing their programs.

Milwaukee Area Technical College is the second-worst college on our list based on its graduation rate. The school's four-year graduation rate is 28%, while an average of 36% of scholars graduated in the last six years. Furthermore, the school has a 48% retention rate. 

Other Indicators of Quality Education

Ranking in statewide examinations is probably the first thing most parents consider when looking for a school. But it shouldn't be your sole consideration, as multiple other factors should guide your decisions.

Ultimately, your choice should offer the best experience for your child, so prioritize schools with the right curriculum and amenities befitting your child's needs, strengths, and talents. This is particularly true for students with learning challenges.

Next, you want a school aligning with your family and personal values, so be sure to check out the mission and vision of the school. Of course, you want the school to be as close as possible to your residence or office and one you can afford tuition. All these should guide you to the best learning environment for your child.

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