Quotes About Life


Follow Your Dreams

Quotes can lift you up when you're sad, motivate you when you feel like you can't go on, and the right quote at the right time can make you feel like there is a kindred spirit in this world that thinks like you do.

Some quotes have no other purpose than to make you laugh...something we could all use more of.

We don't have quotes from hundreds of authors, or thousands of quotes on hundreds of subjects. What we do have are the quotes that struck a chord with us. We're pretty small here at MomsWhoThink, there are only five of us (four women, one man...all parents, including one grandparent). We're quote junkies, always looking for the perfect quote that fits our mood at that particular moment in time. We hope you'll love the selection we've chosen as much as we do.

Be sure to pin the quotes, like them on Facebook, or bookmark this page to see new ones we add. We're always browsing shops with those handmade signs that have quotes on them, or getting lost in bookstores buying just one more quote book, or jotting down a quote a friend shares with us.



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