Thanksgiving is a memorable way to mark the joy of family and friends. What better way to celebrate the blessings of life than to celebrate Thanksgiving in your home. You can host a glowing, fun-filled, fantastic memorable feast without going crazy.

We've all been overwhelmed by the glossy, elegant touches displayed in beautiful (but sometimes intimidating) ways in magazines and TV shows. You don't have to be perfect to have a gracious celebration your guests will remember fondly for years to come.

The Thanksgiving recipes are organized by course, pick and choose how many courses you want to serve and how many of each menu item you'd like. We have lots of choices for all those various taste buds!

Don't forget the fun part, spending time with the kids. Check out the Thanksgiving crafts to get ideas for fun projects to do with them, and to keep them entertained throughout what can be an overwhelming holiday. The games and activities are perfect for involving the family in more than just eating, to help make this a very happy Thanksgiving!




Thanksgiving Recipes


Our favorite recipes for appetizers, desserts, and even the turkey!

Thanksgiving Recipes


Pumpkin Recipes


Turn plentiful pumpkin into delicious pie, pumpkin roll, and more.

Pumpkin Recipes


Thanksgiving Crafts


Great crafts to make with the kids for a fun Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Crafts




Thanksgiving Activities


Focus on the best part of the holiday...your loved ones.

Holiday Activities


Thanksgiving Games


Holidays should include fun, these games will keep everyone entertained.

Thanksgiving Games


History of Thanksgiving


If you're not sure how it all began or want to share the right facts with the younger set.

History Facts










8 Weeks of Healthy Dinner Menus & Recipes

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Healthy Dinner Menus with Recipes

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Week Four

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Week Five

Week Five Menu

Week Six

Week Six Menu

Week Seven

Week Seven Menu

Week Eight

Week Eight Menu


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The 3 Week Diet


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