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You Need to Try This Classic Apple Cider Beef Stew Recipe


You Need to Try This Classic Apple Cider Beef Stew Recipe

There are many different stew recipes out there. Many of them are complicated or particularly unique, challenging what is classically seen as a “stew”. Sometimes, going back to what's traditional is okay. In this case, we have an apple cider beef stew recipe for you that is reminiscent of what you likely enjoyed as a child.

If you don't want to use beef, venison can also work as the meat in this stew. This stew is hearty and filling, so it makes for a perfect dinner on a cold night after a day of activities. Of course, since this is a traditional stew recipe we had to include carrots and potatotes.

You'll need a couple of apples in addition to apple cider. The variety of apple you pick doesn't matter too much, but try to avoid ones that are overly sweet or tart. Apples designed for snacking or cooking are ideal here, rather than apples designed for desserts. They should have a good, but balanced, flavor.

Other necessary ingredients include salt, thyme, and minced onion. Really, you won't need too much to make this recipe. This is a recipe to keep around for years to come, and to pass down to your kids once they're grown. It will quickly become a family staple.

Apple Cider Beef Stew


2 pounds beef or venison stew meat
8 carrots, sliced thin
6 potatoes, sliced thin
2 apples, chopped
2 teaspoons salt
2 teaspoons thyme
2 tablespoons minced onion
3 cups apple cider


1. Place carrots, potatoes, and apples in crock pot.

2. Add meat and sprinkle with salt, thyme, and onion. Pour cider over meat and cover.

3. Cook on low heat 10-12 hours.

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