Delisa is a fun baby name for girls. Interestingly, Delisa is a name that comes with multiple potential origins. Keep reading to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Delisa:

Latin for “pleasure, delight”.

Origin of the name Delisa:

There is a chance that Delisa has Latin roots. This is because it can come from the name “Delicia”, which stems from the Latin term “deliciae”. At the same time, Delisa can also work as an invented name, stemming from adding “de-” to the likes of “Lisa”.

Symbolism of the name Delisa:

Delisa is a name that is meant to bring happiness and joy. The baby name Delisa can symbolize a gentler nature, one that has a creative side to it as well thanks to the uniqueness behind the name.

Style of the name Delisa:


Gender of the name Delisa:

The name Delisa is used for baby girls.

Pronunciation of the name Delisa:


Number of syllables in the name Delisa:


Emotion evoked from the name Delisa:

Delisa is a baby name that feels lighthearted, sweet, and gentle.

Alternative spellings for the name Delisa:

  • Delissa
  • Delyssa
  • Deliza

Nicknames for the name Delisa:

Popularity of the name Delisa:

Based on information from the Social Security Index, Delisa hasn’t seen much popularity having only made it into the top 1000 on 7 occasions. The name did make it as high as #825 in 1965, but it hasn’t broke onto the list again since 1970.

Related names for the name Delisa:

  • Delana
  • Deleena
  • Dalicia
  • Alisa
  • Delta
  • Denise 
  • Delia
  • Dalila

Great middle names for Delisa and their meanings:

  • Hope (virtue name)
  • Kylah (narrow spit of land)
  • Selene (moon goddess)
  • Hazel (the hazelnut tree)
  • Lyra (lyre)
  • Mable (lovable)
  • Asha (hope; life)
  • Mae (bitter or pearl)

Famous people with the name Delisa:

  • Delisa Newton (American nurse, jazz vocalist)
  • Delisa Walton-Floyd (American former World-Class middle-distance runner)

Delisas in movies/pop culture:

Delisa does not seem to be a widely used baby name in pop culture.