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Emil is a traditional baby boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “rival”. Emil was popular for most of the 20th century but fell out of fashion in the mid-1980’s. Despite the trend of early 20th century names becoming popular once more, Emil has been overlooked.

Meaning of the name Emil:

Latin: rival

Origin of the name Emil:

Emil is a baby boy’s name of Latin origin. Emil means “rival” and is derived from the Latin term “aemulus”. Emil was originally a surname in the form of Aemilius before being adapted into a given name.

Symbolism of the name Emil:

Emil means “rival” which brings to mind competitions like sporting events. To the Ancient Romans, the symbol of victory was a wreath of bay laurel that was worn as a crown.

Style of the name Emil:


Gender of the name Emil:

Emil is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Emil:

ə-MEEL, EHM-il (English), EH-mil (Swedish, Czech) EH-meel (German, Slovak, Hungarian), EHN-myeel (Polish), eh-MYEEL (Russian)

Number of syllables in the name Emil:


Emotion evoked from the name Emil:

Emil evokes feelings of hard work and tradition.

Alternative spellings for the name Emil:

Amil, Emyl, Emeel

Nicknames for the name Emil:

Popularity of the name Emil:

According to the Social Security Administration, Emil was a popular baby boy’s name for most of the 20th century. Emil was on the top 1000 names from 1900 to 1984. It peaked at #136 in 1901.

Related names for the name Emil:

Great middle names for the name Emil and their meanings:

  • Lawrence (from Laurentium)
  • Cato (all-knowing)
  • Weston (from the western town)
  • Willis (resolute protection)
  • Fenix (firebird)
  • Jasper (bringer of treasure)
  • Miles (merciful, solder)
  • Theo (gift of God)

Famous people with the name Emil:

  • Emil Cioran (Romanian philosopher)
  • Emil Fredrick Nervander (Finnish author)
  • Emil Isac (Romanian poet)
  • Emil Theodor Kocher (Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine)
  • Emil Melmoth (Mexican artist)

Emils in popular culture:

  • Emil Kolar (television, “The Sopranos”)
  • Emil Blonsky aka Abomination (comics, Marvel Comics)
  • Emil Antonowsky (film, “RoboCop”)
  • Emil Naruda (video game, “Starcraft II”)
  • Emil (video game, “Nier”)
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