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Johan is a name that's deep and sophisticated while having a common twist. If you're trying to find a slightly fancier way to name your baby John, Johan is a top pick that rolls off the tongue like music. Johan is actually the Scandinavian version of John that is commonly used throughout Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. Keep reading to find out why Johan never goes out of style!

Meaning of the name Johan:

  • French: God is merciful
  • Hebrew: Yahweh is gracious
  • Old English: Graced by God

Origin of the name Johan:

Hebrew. Johan is derived from the Hebrew name Yəhôḥānān that means God is gracious.

Symbolism of the name Johan:

The name Johan is a name of blessings! It signifies a close relationship with a higher power.

Style of the name Johan:


Gender of the name Johan:

Johan is a classic boy's name. It is as common as “John” in many European countries.

Pronunciation of the name Johan:


Syllables in the name Johan:


Emotion evoked from the name Johan:

The name Johan comes across as a deeply spiritual name that is highly relatable.

Alternative spellings for the name Johan:


Nicknames for the name Johan:

Jahn, Jhan, Jhanny, Jon, Jonny

Popularity of the name Johan:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Johan ranked consistently on the list of the 1,000 most popular names every year between 1998 and 2020. The name had its most popular year ever in 2008 when it reached #451.

Related names for the name Johan:

Jonathan, Johannes

Great middle names for Yohan and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Johan:

  • Johan Camargo (MLB player)
  • Johan Cruyff (Dutch soccer player)
  • Johan Vincent Galtung (founder of the Peace Research Institute Oslo)
  • Johan Reinholdz (Swedish heavy metal artist)

Johans in movies/pop culture:

  • Johan Liebert (character in the “Monster” anime series)
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