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Montel often feels like a name that was popular for a very specific moment. Though that moment may have passed, that doesn't mean the name has gone away. Read on to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Montel:

French: Pointed hill

Origin of the name Montel:

Montel is a name of French origin that means “pointed hill”.

Symbolism of the name Montel:

Montel tends to symbolize a desire for a child to be prominent and successful in his life.

Style of the name Montel:


Gender of the name Montel:

Montel is almost exclusively used as a name for baby boys.

Pronunciation of the name Montel:


Number of syllables in the name Montel:


Emotion evoked from the name Montel:

Montel tends to evoke emotions related to respect and the ability to trust.

Alternative spellings for the name Montel:

  • Montell
  • Mohntell
  • Mohntel

Nicknames for the name Montel:

Popularity of the name Montel:

According to the Social Security Administration, Montel last ranked as one of the most popular baby names in the United States in 1996, when it was the 994th most popular baby name. The name peaked in popularity in 1995, when it was the 849th most popular baby name.

Related names for the name Montel:

  • Jean
  • Frances
  • Cadha

Great middle names for Montel and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Montel:

  • Montel Vontavious Porter (American professional wrestler)
  • Montel Williams (American entertainer)

Montels in popular culture:

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