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Nehemias is a different cultural take on a traditional Hebrew name. Furthermore, Nehemias is a rather unique name for boys. Read on to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Nehemias:

Hebrew for “comforted by God”.

Origin of the name Nehemias:

Nehemias is a variation of an old Hebrew name “Nehemiah”, a name that refers to the Hebrew God. In the Old Testament, there is the Book of Nehemiah, the leader of the Jews with the responsibility of rebuilding Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Nehemias is a more Spanish or Portuguese take on the original Hebrew name.

Symbolism of the name Nehemias:

There is an undeniable connection to Hebrew and Judaism with the name Nehemias seeing as it is a variation of a name found in the Old Testament. The man “Nehemiah” was held a high responsibility of restoring Jerusalem, which can serve to give the name Nehemias a relation to leadership and devotion.

Style of the name Nehemias:


Gender of the name Nehemias:

Nehemias is a name commonly used for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Nehemias:


Number of syllables in the name Nehemias:


Emotion evoked from the name Nehemias:

Nehemias is a bold and refreshing name even with its traditional, biblical roots. The name Nehemias also has a strong feel about it, indicating a person who is responsible and in charge.

Alternative spellings for the name Nehemias:

  • Nechemias
  • Nechemiahs
  • Nehemiahs
  • Necheymyas

Nicknames for the name Nehemias:

  • Neem
  • Neo 
  • Hem
  • Miah
  • Nehem
  • Nemo

Popularity of the name Nehemias:

Based on information from the Social Security Index, Nehemias has never ranked on the top 1000 list of popular baby names.

Related names for the name Nehemias:

Great middle names for Nehemias and their meanings:

  • Korey (from the hollow)
  • Mateus (gift of God)
  • Roberto (bright fame)
  • Joaquin (God will judge)
  • Rey (king)
  • Hugo (mind, intellect)
  • Andre (strong and manly)
  • Esmael (God will hear)

Famous people with the name Nehemias:

Nehemias is not a popular name you will find used among famous individuals.

Nehemias’s in movies/pop culture:

There are no indications of the baby name Nehemias used in pop culture.

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