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The baby name Vicente is a Spanish and Portuguese baby name that comes from the Latin option, Vincent. It dates back to the Middle Ages. Despite being a centuries-old option, Vicente is still a top 800 baby name.

Meaning of the name Vicente:

Spanish: conquering
Portuguese: conquering

Origin of the name Vicente:

Vicente is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the Latin baby name Vincent. Vincent comes from the ancient Roman Vincentius. It derives from the Latin word “vincere.” Vincent spread throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, reaching its peak in the 1800s. This timeframe helped to create the international variations including Vicente.

Symbolism of the name Vicente:

The baby name Vicente has the same meaning as Vincent. Both translate to “conquering.” Vincent and Vicente come from the ancient Roman name Vincentius, which is a play on the Latin word “vincere.” “Vincere” translates to “to conquer.”

Style of the name Vicente:


Gender of the name Vicente:

Vicente is a name for boys that is full of flair.

Pronunciation of the name Vicente:


Number of syllables in the name Vicente:


Emotion evoked from the name Vicente:

Vicente is a formal and noble baby name. It has a strong international association.

Alternative spellings for the name Vicente:

  • Vicennte
  • Vicentai
  • Vicenntai
  • Vicentay
  • Vicenntay
  • Vicentae
  • Vicenntae

Nicknames for the name Vicente:

  • Vic
  • Vi
  • Vice
  • Vicho
  • Chente
  • Vince

Popularity of the name Vicente:

Vicente was first a top 1,000 baby name on the Social Security Popularity Index in 1901, ranking at number 940. It ranked best in 1984 at number 527. As of 2020, Vicente is still a top 800 option. More specifically, it is number 762.

Related names for the name Vicente:

Great middle names for Vicente and their meanings:

  • Prince (royal son)
  • Lionel (the little lion)
  • Fernando (daring, adventurous)
  • Giano (Yahweh is gracious)
  • Christos (servant of Christ)
  • Pablo (small, humble)
  • Laurento (someone from Laurentum)
  • Menor (smaller, lesser, younger)

Famous people with the name Vicente:

Vicentes in popular culture:

  • San Vicente Boulevard (major road in Los Angeles)
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