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Bernardo is the more tropical version of Bernard. It originated in Italy, Spain, and Portugal with the same background as Bernard. As of 2021, the international-sounding option is a top 3,200 name for boys.

Meaning of the name Bernardo:

Italian: strong as a bear, brave bear
Spanish: strong as a bear, brave bear
Portuguese: strong as a bear, brave bear

Origin of the name Bernardo:

Bernardo is the Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese versions of Bernard. Bernard is a traditionally Germanic title. It comes from the words “bern” and “hard.” The Norman people helped to spread the title after invading England, helping it eventually reach other countries. There were several saints with the title also, including Saint Bernard of Menthon and Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. The importance of this title allowed Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese people to create their version, Bernardo.

Symbolism of the name Bernardo:

Bernardo has the same origins as the baby name Bernard. Bernard originated from two Germanic words, “bern” and “hard.” “Bern” translates to “bear.” “Hard” means “hardy” or “brave.” Together these two words create meanings like “strong as a bear” or “brave bear.”

Style of the name Bernardo:


Gender of the name Bernardo:

Bernardo is a cultural name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Bernardo:

behr-NAR-do or behr-NAR-dho

Number of syllables in the name Bernardo:


Emotion evoked from the name Bernardo:

Bernardo is a mature and formal baby name. It is wholesome and kindhearted.

Alternative spellings for the name Bernardo:

  • Bernhardo
  • Bernardoe
  • Bernhardoe

Nicknames for the name Bernardo:

  • Bern
  • Bernie 
  • Berny
  • Ardo
  • Berna
  • Berno
  • Beni

Popularity of the name Bernardo:

Bernardo was first a top 1,000 baby name in 1913 at rank 951. This title stayed on and off the Social Security Popularity Index until 2007 when it was number 969. As of 2021, Bernardo is a top 3,200 option at rank 3,103.

Related names for the name Bernardo:

Great middle names for Bernardo and their meanings:

  • Kristofer (follower of Christ, bearing Christ)
  • Faron (handsome servant)
  • Hector (to have, to check, to hold)
  • Erasimo (loved)
  • Rafael (God has healed)
  • Marquez (son of Marcos, son of Marcus)
  • Jose (Yahweh shall add)
  • Devon (deep valley dweller)

Famous people with the name Bernardo:

Bernardos in popular culture:

  • Bernardo (character in Shakespeare's “Hamlet”)
  • Bernardo (character from “Zorro”)
  • Bernardo O'Reilly (character from “The Magnificent Seven”)
  • Bernardola Paz (character from “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”)
  • Bernardo Nunez (character from “West Side Story”)
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