Bath Toys That Don't Trap Mold Inside

All the best bath toys that don't have holes to trap water and mold

If you remember my earlier post about my daughter's moldy bath toys, I now boycott any bath toy that has a hole in the bottom of it. No more rubber duckies, no more squirters, they just aren't worth the hassle.

Here is a list I have started to make, of top-rated bath toys that don't have holes (as far as I am aware). Whenever I need a filler item on my Amazon Prime order, I like to add a new bath toy. It's been a while since we've bought a new bath toy, so many of these might be on our Christmas list this year!

What are your kid's favorite bath toys that don't trap water inside?

Don't buy bath toys that have holes in them. They will likely grow mold!
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