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Easy Gift Basket Ideas

Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

Easy Gift Basket Ideas



Easy to Make Birthday Gift Baskets

Summer is full of birthdays for us. For me, it’s a great time to show these particular family and friends that I’m thinking of them and forever thankful for their friendships. This year especially I tried giving them each something that I felt was something useful but fun or more than they’d do for themselves.


Birthday Gift Baskets

Coffee and Tea Basket

First up is this awesome coffee and tea basket. I went out looking for items along those lines and found this great coffee themed basket so I knew that was definitely the direction I was going for this special friend.

I filled the basket with fun coffees, cute teas, a travel mug, a fun coffee mug, and a pack of my favorite tea biscuits. I’m half Welsh and we know our tea biscuits! After arranging everything in the basket, this is probably my filled with my favorite finds. I still tossed in the gift receipt just in case though.





Fitness Bag



This fitness bag is another one I really liked. This special recipient never splurges on herself but has really been enjoying her morning walks. Now that the weather is turning chilly I started with this super warm but lightweight jacket with a fleece lined hood and a t-shirt and pants to go with it.


I also picked her up one of my favorite water bottles to go with it all. Other items I considered were a yoga mat and kettle bell, but the possibilities are endless here.












Baking Basket


Another favorite is this baking basket. I started with a large mixing bowl complete with lid, this would be great for cookie dough that needs refrigerated.

I filled the bowl with decorating tips, fun sprinkles, measuring cups and spoons (I feel like you can never half enough of these), pinch bowls, adorable cupcake liners, and a nice bottle of vanilla extract.

Added to all that, I found this adorable hand towel that wrapped up my gift perfectly. Again, I still tossed in the gift receipt in case she has enough of any of these items.




Boozy Basket

Last up is my boozy bag. The inspiration for this gift were these yummy looking chocolates I found while perusing the aisles at Costco. Then I added two bottles of red wine with fun labels.


Wrap it all up in a fun bag with a sweet card and I think this birthday girl will thank me on especially stressful nights.

Hope some of these can help when you have a special someone to shop for.






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